CATTY TUG OF WAR: California Abortion Supporter Attempts to Steal Pro-Life Property by Using Her Nails as Claws

Caroline Wharton - 09 Oct 2023

Abortion supporters make sure there’s never a dull day when Students for Life of America (SFLA) brings the What is a Person? Fall 2023 Display Tour to campus — and that’s exactly what we saw in Sacramento, California recently when this display caused one pro-abortion student to freak out and use her nails like claws. Here’s what happened:

When SFLA Pacific Southwest Campus Formation Coordinator Juan Hernandez brought the What is a Person? tour to Sacramento City College, he was expecting a good day of activism and recruitment for the new group that is trying to form on campus. Initially, that’s what he got. Tabling alongside several pro-life students who are working to become officially recognized at their school, the event began going very well.

SFLA Pacific Southwest Campus Formation Coordinator Juan Hernandez

It started off slow, as community colleges are often less of a hub of student activity, but Hernandez still had several good conversations with interested students on the topic of abortion. One pregnant student stopped by and picked up information about local resources for her pregnancy and parenting journey, as well. Things only started going downhill when a pro-abortion student with bright pink hair (a nod to Planned Parenthood, perhaps) saw the display and immediately went into a rage.

She began cussing Hernandez out, using explicit language to insult him, and telling him to leave the school property — community colleges are public property, however.

As it started getting chaotic, Hernandez attempted to deescalate the situation. He acknowledged her passion (to put her uncivility in a nice way) and asked if she’d like to have a conversation about it. His peaceful invitation for conversation just made her all the angrier — and she may have decided that theft sounded better than talking.

SFLA students in front of the California State House

Hernandez realized she had just seen the Go-Pro camera on the table (used to help discourage stealing and destruction of property) and he said the “look in her eye” made him think she was about to grab it. Before that could happen, he secured the camera — and she lunged at him to yank it away.

They briefly engaged in a tug-of-war as he told her that she must let go of his property. When the student refused to do so but realized he wasn’t giving up, she grabbed his wrist and plunged her long, pointy nails into him as hard as possible.

She began yelling gibberish as he continued to tell her to let go — both of him and his camera — and it took another student walking by who saw the drama and said he would call the police for her to relinquish her hold.

She ran away as Hernandez shook off the pain and thanked the bystander for his help. After cleaning up their display, he headed over to the campus police department to file a report on the matter. The police have now opened an investigation, as they work on retrieving footage of the incident to identify her and refer her to the Dean’s office.

While Hernandez’s irritated hand caused him to later purchase anti-itching cream since it was so red, he stated that the incident hadn’t intimidated him — although he is very concerned for students who must face these hostile assailants on campus. He stated:

“We are seeing the symptoms of a pro-abortion mindset all across the United States and especially at college campuses as many on the other side prefer to engage in acts of violence and assault rather than discourse and debate. Disrespecting life doesn’t just stay in the womb…it pervades society.”

As the Pro-Life Generation continues to face senseless attacks like these during peaceful activism for the preborn and vulnerable women, we prioritize safety while still staying fearless. After all, if we back down, who will speak up?

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