Pro-Abortion Students at University of Washington Seattle ATE Our Fliers, Trashed Our Table & Physically Assaulted Us

Caroline Wharton - 05 Oct 2023
Guest post by Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator Sophia Di Piazza

GUEST POST: While on a recent stop of Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) What is a Person? Fall 2023 Campus Tour, I was reminded that the abortion lobby would rather use their fists than their words. Instead of choosing conversations, the “choice” they are in favor of is violence and hostility — at least that’s what we saw again at the University of Washington in Seattle. Here’s what happened:

I was tabling with the SFLA group on campus (called the Huskies for Preborn Lives), and we were initially having many civil and productive conversations with students passing by. Things started to get strange, however, when one pro-abortion student actually ate a flyer we were handing out.

The flyers were advertising SFLA Senior Spokesperson Autumn Higashi’s upcoming speaking tour stop on campus coming up in several weeks, and they were meant to inform — not to serve as lunch. However, one student who had accepted the flyer came back to our table to show us that he actually had eaten it, and the paper was half chewed. He told us we should “have better quality paper” as this one “wasn’t very good” tasting.

Police show up to the scene

Someone needs to tell the abortion lobby paper and ink are not a part of a balanced diet.

Later in the afternoon, I noticed there was someone standing across the sidewalk, just watching us from under a tree. He moved to the sidewalk behind us, and I could feel him glaring at us. When we had finished up a conversation with a student, he approached, and I greeted him warmly, although I expected a heated conversation from his mannerisms.

I was very wrong.

Instead of responding, he swept his arm across our table and knocked everything off, including stickers, pins, topic cards, and clipboards. And then, he even pulled on the tablecloth to make sure he got everything disturbed.

Our campus SFLA president was standing on the front side of the table and tried to block him to prevent any more damage. However, he was sadly the next to be damaged as the abortion supporter hit him on the arm before walking away.

The alleged assailant

We called campus police while our student and a representative from the Leadership Institute followed him to ensure he didn’t get away without proper repercussions. However, they were intentionally blocked by another student (in order to let him get away) and lost the pro-abortion bully.

When the police arrived and tried to find him, they weren’t successful but took statements from us at the table. Police will be investigating to find the alleged assailant. If they find him, our student he assaulted will decide whether to press charges. Thankfully, he did not need to see emergency medical services.

It’s sad to see that abortion supporters can’t even begin to have conversations about this issue without becoming hostile and violent. Instead of trying to discuss their position, they shout profanities at us, eat our materials, and use their hands as weapons.

Written with help from SFLA Press Strategist & Staff Writer Caroline Wharton.

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