A Perversion of Freedom: How the Abortion Lobby Pretends Abortion — Not Life — Is a Human Right  

Caroline Wharton - 05 Oct 2023

While it may sound like a marketing cliché, messaging does matter — words shape thoughts, thoughts shape conversations, and conversations shape the culture. That’s why the abortion lobby’s conniving personal makeover (branding themselves as standing up for women’s freedom instead of women’s endangerment via abortion) should concern us all.  

Have you noticed this — that many abortion supporters are leaning away from anything associated with abortion? They don’t say the word “abortion;” they often don’t even say the euphemistic “pro-choice.” Instead, the term that is in popular favor is “reproductive freedom.”  

SFLA students protesting Kamala Harris’ speaking tour

Take Vice President Kamala Harris’ current campus speaking tour as an example. Billed the “Fight for Our Freedoms Tour,” Harris’ speech includes discussion of “reproductive freedom.” Students for Life of America (SFLA) is currently pushing back on this tour and protesting her events — because what about preborn children’s freedoms?   

(To see a comical video showing a pro-abortion student refusing to be labelled as such, click HERE to watch a video from SFLA President Kristan Hawkins’ recent campus tour.)  

On this topic, Hawkins recently published an op-ed at the Daily Wire entitled “The Pro-Abortion Movement’s Rebrand is All About Freedom.” Her article centered around true American freedom — namely the right to life — and how the abortion lobby is sneakily attempting to appropriate that language, as they hope to trick voters turned off by the ‘choice’ label.  

Hawkins wrote, “After sending some staff into a Planned Parenthood messaging training years ago in New York City, I knew “choice was on its way out as trainers admitted “choice” was associated with “abortion” and people, regardless of their labels, don’t like that word. So, choice, exit, stage left.”  

(To read about life-affirming messaging and why we embrace the term “pro-life,” click HERE to read another SFLA blog entitled “The Term “Pro-Life” Fits Our Movement Like a Glove: Here’s Why.”)  

She continued, “The rebranding from “My Body, My Choice” to “Let American’s enjoy their freedoms” is nothing more than a subversive tactic to deal with the broken truth of choice – that it matters what you pick, because not all choices are created equal. It’s not “freedom” to end an innocent’s life. That is the definition of tyranny.”  

To read Hawkins’ op-ed in its entirety at the Daily Wire, click HERE.  

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