Yesterday Was International “Safe” Abortion Day – Here are The TOP THREE WAYS You Can Safely Have An Abortion

Mattison Brooks - 29 Sep 2023

As yesterday was “International Safe Abortion Day” (a totally real and not fake holiday that’s propped up by an unholy alliance of the World Health Organization and multinational pharmaceutical corporations), we thought it would be only right and fair to see things from the other side. 

After meticulous and extensive research, here are the top three ways a woman can have a “safe” abortion:  

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In reality, abortion kills preborn children and holds severe mental and physical risks for women. Consequently, here’s what you should find more helpful the top three ways to help pregnant mothers. 


An unexpected pregnancy, especially for a single mother, is going to be a major shock to her system. She will need to feel the love of family and friends around her. Take the time to sit down and genuinely listen to her fears and concerns without judgment. Nothing is too trivial, no fear or emotion is baseless, and the best thing to do is ask open-ended questions.  

Additionally, that mother can be connected with programs that will provide her with the skills and resources she will need to thrive as a new mother, like Students for Life of America’s Standing With You initiative


Practical help beyond emotional support goes a long way – especially if that woman is single.That could mean assisting with tasks like grocery shopping, cooking, babysitting, or cleaning.  

It might also mean being there for her – offering transportation or accompanying her to prenatal appointments or doctors’ visits. 

Beyond practical support,you can rally people together to provide communal support, such as through financial assistance, preparing meals, getting help with building baby furniture, collecting essential baby supplies, and so forth.  


For many people the last, but just as important, is spiritual. Faith and prayer can do wonders for mental health and well-being. A 2009 study on the effects of prayer showed that those with a spiritual walk had lower rates of depression and anxiety and were more likely to be optimistic. But there’s also community to be found in religious practice or church attendance. Walking alongside a loved one and offering them spiritual support and prayer is one of the greatest acts of kindness you can show. 

To learn more about how you can support pregnant women and soon-to-be mothers, click HERE.  

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