WATCH: Kristan Hawkins Annihilates the “Baby is a Parasite” Argument on Campus in Viral Video

Caroline Wharton - 28 Sep 2023

Have you ever heard someone claim abortion is okay because the preborn baby is “just a parasite,” and you didn’t know how to respond? Have no fear; Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins is here with apologetics help. During Hawkins’ speaking tours which occur every semester, she has the opportunity to debunk many arguments from abortion supporters. Check out the video clip below from a recent tour to watch how she handles this assertion.

In the video, the two pro-abortion students at the microphone say, “Animals are separate from our body and do not have a parasitic relationship with the person that they are inhabiting… [preborn children] are a parasite.”  

However, Hawkins countered their definition of parasite using ChatGBT, an artificial intelligence website popular with students. According to the website, a parasite is a different species from the host which it has latched onto — which is not the case with preborn babies. Contrary to what some abortion supporters may believe, human mothers cannot conceive baby koalas, dolphins, or racoons. Instead, every time a human mother is pregnant, she is carrying a human baby.  

Humans beget humans — period.  

Hawkins said, “When you’re talking about a parasitic relationship, you’re talking about a foreign body of something foreign that’s in your body. When you’re talking about a child in the womb, that is exactly where he or she is supposed to be.  

“In fact, the child in the womb tells itself how to develop. It’s actually not the mother’s body that develops the organ that sustains the child’s life. It’s the child telling the body how to develop an organ to sustain its own life.”  

She continued, citing another amazing fact about human development and reproduction, “The other superhero thing is when we’re pregnant, we actually have better immunity because our child is actually giving us extra immunity so it’s not actually a parasitic relationship.”  

And that is a crash course in how to shut down the “preborn babies are parasites argument.” Want to learn more about fetal development and strengthen your scientific understanding of the preborn? Check out SFLA’s Learn Page which takes you through the important milestones, starting at week one of life! We also have recommended websites, books, and videos for your perusal.  

Stay informed, Pro-Life Generation.  

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