The Summer is Nearly Over & We Have Lots to Show for It: Amazing Results from SFLA’s 2023 Summer of Service 

Caroline Wharton - 21 Sep 2023

Misinformation and fearmongering are the abortion lobby’s cup of tea, but Students for Life of America (SFLA) is here to spill it: it’s a flat-out falsehood that expectant women and families don’t have resources available to support them. In fact, it was found in June 2022 that, by a ratio of 14 to one, pregnancy resource centers outnumbered Planned Parenthood vendors. A year later, that ratio is likely much larger as the New York Times reports that many abortion facilities have since shut down.  

However, many pregnant women or community members may be unaware of these free supportive services. SFLA’s Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement found in 2021 that Millennials and Gen Z are largely uninformed about these resources — which is why SFLA began our Summer of Service with the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities.

Fort Worth, Texas

Dedicated to serving our neighbors and educating them on services free of charge that can change a struggling families’ life, the SFLA team and the Pro-Life Generation spent our summer going door-to-door in the community. We pulled wagons of free parenting supplies and women’s care products to give to anyone who needed them — in this economy, anyone can appreciate free baby items and sanitary products. We also carried information on local resource centers to pass out; even if the person at the door didn’t need them immediately, they might use them in the future to get someone else help.  

Here’s some Summer of Service highlights from across the country:  

Rochester, New York: In just one day, the Pro-Life Generation gave away 678 diapers, 17 packs of baby wipes, six packs of baby food, two baby bouncers, two boxes of bottles, and five packages of feminine care products. They reached 100 community members, having 30 conversations and directly helping more than 10 families. When they met a non-English speaker, even a language barrier couldn’t stop them from delivering supplies they needed.  

Rochester, NY

St. Louis, Missouri: The team walked around an underserved neighborhood, reaching 105 neighbors and giving away a total of 58 items which included boxes of diapers, baby wipes, blankets, etc. They spoke with many families — some expecting, some with newborns, and many with children of all ages — and their resources were received gratefully. Older children were especially excited to pick out their own blankets.  

Richmond, Virginia: The Pro-Life Generation knocked on 153 doors, handing out more than ten items and have nearly 40 important conversations with neighbors. In one instance, they learned of young, pregnant woman who was living in a hotel after her husband left her and were able to pass on information about a local maternity home that could take her in. In another, they encountered a young mom struggling to provide for her children. After giving her tangible resources of diapers, food, and wipes, they made an appointment for her at a local center, as well.  

Cincinnati, Ohio: The SFLA team and students knocked on nearly 100 doors, handing out more than 20 sets of supplies and giving pregnancy resources to more than 4 households. One special conversation occurred with a young mother the group had met previously outside a Planned Parenthood facility; they were able to provide her with diapers and wipes before connecting her with local resource centers.  

Cincinnati, OH

Fort Worth, Texas: The Pro-Life Generation served the community by passing out nearly 100 parenting items, having 23 conversations and knocking on 45 doors in total. Many of the families they encountered were shocked by the support offered and grateful for the help.  

Allentown, Pennsylvania: By knocking on more than 90 doors, the SFLA team had 20-plus conversations and gave away clothes, infant formula, blankets, and diapers. One young father that the group met already had six children with another on the way, and he expressed much gratitude for the resources, as well as eagerness to call the local help center. They met another woman who had adopted her grandchild recently who she was “blown away by their work.” 

Wellington, Colorado: Visiting neighborhoods, splash pads, and farmers markets, as well as advertising on Facebook, local SFLA volunteers have made sure the entire community knows about free pregnancy and parenting resources. To serve women and families, feminine hygiene products, diapers, and other resources have been passed out.  

Allentown, PA

Las Crosse, Wisconsin: The Pro-Life Generation set up shop at a Sam’s Club one day to hand out shopping lists of donation items, asking incoming shoppers to consider purchasing baby and pregnancy items to donate. The group was amazed by the success, filling up more than two truck beds with diapers, wipes, baby food, hygiene products, toys, and maternity/baby clothes. Two pregnancy centers also donated resources. The next day, the SFLA team went door-to-door handing it all out, and the community was so grateful.  

SFLA’s Summer of Service is yet another way the Pro-Life Generation has committed to protecting life — but just because this season is almost over, our service isn’t! Stay tuned to the SFLA blog for more stories of our team and students support vulnerable women on campus and in the community.  

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