In Honor of SFLA Standing With You Fellow Amy Pressey 

Caroline Wharton - 15 Sep 2023
Co-written by SWY Campus Coordinator Camille Cisneros

“However the Lord directs me in working on behalf of His kingdom, I am willing. For my God not only gives life, but gives so abundantly, selflessly, and fully. And as a woman of Christ and a member of the Pro-Life Generation, I believe and work towards helping people realize the same for themselves and their babies.”  

– Amy Pressey, SFLA Fellowship Application 

The team at Students for Life of America (SFLA) and Standing With You are deeply grieved by the sudden, tragic loss of a wonderful individual and passionate student leader, Amy Pressey, a graduate student at Delta State University (DSU) who was studying Counseling and Community Development. 

Co-written by SFLA Fellowship Coordinator Norvilia Cain


As a newly pro-life individual, Amy led in her community.  

We were only just beginning to get to know Amy before God called her home. And while it was only the beginning of her journey with us at SFLA, it was clear she found deep joy in serving and teaching others.

Amy was previously pro-choice during her undergraduate studies at the University of Virgina. Recently, as her relationship with Christ deepened, so did her conviction that life indeed begins in the womb and that He cares for all His creation. With this newfound conviction, she sought work at the local pregnancy resource center as the Volunteer and Client Services Coordinator. Through her work, she counseled women and men who were experiencing crisis. 

Amy Pressey

She said, “Many families consider abortion as an option when they walk through our doors and by the grace of God, many stand firmly that their babies deserve life by the time they walk out of the doors.” 

As a passionate, pro-life leader, Amy led on her campus.  

In her humility, she served as vice president of the SFLA group she founded, stating, “I decided that for the sake of the vitality of the organization and for their growth to involve predominantly underclassmen on the executive team.”  

In helping her start her group, SFLA Virginias Regional Coordinator Natalee Wilson said, “Amy was an absolutely incredible woman. I first met her via Zoom when I was helping her start her SFLA group at Delta State University. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge of the pro-life movement and her passion for helping women in unplanned pregnancies. Amy was a selfless individual who would do anything to help others.  

She truly embodied what it means to stand with women facing hard pregnancies. When she was accepted into our Standing With You Fellowship, she emailed me excitedly, thanking me for nominating her. This was another amazing characteristic about Amy; she was grateful with a smile on her face in good times and bad. The joy of the Lord radiated through her and into those around her.” 

In the Standing With You Fellowship, Amy was in the planning stages of her project called Firm Foundation. The project had three parts. The first part was to create a brochure that would be distributed throughout campus that offered women information and local resources if pregnant. The second part was to create a Title IX training that taught pregnant and parenting students their rights. The third part was to introduce a housing policy that would permit a parenting student to get out of any housing and residence life contracts, while having an option to live in apartment dorms. 

Her project ideas were a testament to her love for people. She wanted to help resolve the perceived need for abortion in her community.  

Amy and the Standing With You Fellows

Her peer in the Standing With You fellowship program GraceAnn said, “Amy was such a light and bubbly personality. I loved getting to know Amy, she was so kind and friendly to me at NLC. I already miss her.” 

“As the Standing With You Campus Coordinator, I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet such a sweet soul.  To know Amy was to experience warmth, joy, and to feel a deep sense of peace and belonging. She had a love for life and people that was contagious,” said Camille Cisneros.   

Amy will be deeply missed by all she impacted. Here are some quotes from friends:  

“I personally admired everything about Amy. She was a great friend who always wanted you to know you were seen and heard. She gave the best advice and always referred me back to Scripture to back up her advice.”

“My first semester at DSU was really rough and I made a lot of mistakes. It took me so long to forgive myself and find Christ again. While in Cleveland and trying to discover myself, Amy was the first person that I had a genuine conversation with that made me feel seen. It was the first time someone associated me as myself and not attached to someone else or my past. For the first time I felt like an individual and cared for.” 

SFLA President Kristan Hawkins and Amy

“A shining star in a dark world. You always had a smile on your face and never took no for an answer. You were the yes lady and lived life to the fullest every single day. Thank you for always holding me accountable but never in a judgmental way. Thank you for loving me for who I am. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for showing me how to live boldly for the gospel. I will love you always and forever.” 

“Three words I’d use to describe Amy are Authentic truth. She was unapologetically herself, and we loved her for it. Unity. She brought people from all walks of life together. She never met a stranger, and she didn’t have one type of person that she befriended. She was unconcerned with what others thought about her or the people she was around. Intentional. She was so intentional with everyone she talked to – with kids, adults of all ages. Everyone. She entered fully into the world of the person she was engaging. Whoever she was talking to, it wasn’t going to be half-hearted. She was going to step 100% into that person’s world and be exactly where her feet were – with purpose.” 

“Amy was one of a kind! I was honored to call her a friend. She loved her Lord to the fullest and just like the Bible says in Deuteronomy 6:5: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.” Over and over again, our conversations would land on a spiritual conversation or if she felt like her flesh was getting in the way, she would stop and say, “I need to check my heart.” She did not want to disappoint her God but only glorify him in the name of Jesus! Such an inspiration and an example in a bold, but beautiful way.

Amy was a good listener and very easy to talk to. She was deeply concerned with others and made everyone feel welcome and included. She did not know a stranger! And she was always up for an adventure! It didn’t matter the day, the hour, or how many things she had going on at the time, she was always game and found a way to be included. I am so thankful I met Amy and got to know her. My life will be forever changed! I will miss her but so happy to know she is in the arms if Jesus.” 

We encourage you to consider supporting her family during this time. Please click HERE. 

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