Scientists Grew WHAT Kind of Embryo?!

Mattison Brooks - 07 Sep 2023

Drawing inspiration from the opening chapters of every science-fiction horror book or movie ever, researchers in Israel report they have synthetically “created” a human embryo without using sperm, eggs, or a womb. According to the BBC article:

“The Weizmann Institute team say their “embryo model”, made using stem cells, looks like a textbook example of a real 14-day-old embryo. It even released hormones that turned a pregnancy test positive in the lab.

“The ambition for embryo models is to provide an ethical way of understanding the earliest moments of our lives.”

While it’s admirable that they openly admit that the “earliest moments of our lives” begin as an embryo, they way they’ve arrived at this conclusion is troubling. Judging from the reactions on Twitter to the announcement, it appears we’re not alone in this.  

One must wonder what the screeching pro-abortion lobbyists in America think about this, given the implication by the scientists that life does indeed have a beginning point much sooner than the birth canal, 24 weeks, or even 15 weeks (shoutout to Biden’s Favorite Republicans). Of course, no one will come around to this, for to admit that life begins at conception is to likewise admit that 63,000,000 aborted preborn lives were effectively murdered since 1973

The most telling part of the article is at the end:

“The researchers stress it would be unethical, illegal and actually impossible to achieve a pregnancy using these embryo models – assembling the 120 cells together goes beyond the point an embryo could successfully implant into the lining of the womb.”

Medical scientists tacitly admitting that life can only begin in one place – inside the womb of a woman (that is, an adult human female) – is amusing. The unspeakable horrors of attempting to synthetically re-create life, however, is not. 

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