Top Ten Pro-Life School Supplies for the Upcoming 2023 – 2034 Year: From Activism Inspiration to Free Speech Support

Caroline Wharton - 09 Aug 2023

It’s that time of year again — the summer is almost over, back-to-school sales are rampant, and students are shopping for fresh pens and paper again. As the Pro-Life Generation prepares for the start of the 2023 – 2024 academic year, Students for Life of America (SFLA) has some school supplies for them, as well. Here are our top ten resources you need to have in your back pocket for student activism this year: 

1. Starting Your Own Pro-Life Group 

When it comes to pro-life activism, you don’t have to fly solo. Instead, you can start an SFLA group to surround yourself with pro-life friends and engage together in impactful, life-affirming service. SFLA groups are also an excellent opportunity to get involved with the wider pro-life community — so why wait? 

If you would like to start a group, email [email protected]. You’ll get help with moving through the process of becoming an official group, recruiting members, and building an activism schedule. You won’t regret building a community of likeminded individuals who are dedicated to serving pregnant and parenting women. 

2. Confronting the Two Hottest Pro-Abortion Campus Intrusions

Across the country, schools are now offering Plan B vending machines, and Chemical Abortion Pills now account for more than half of all abortions. This is an emergency, and we have response kits for you and your group to combat it. These kits offer students the resources, event ideas, and information that they need to effectively respond to both Plan B and Chemical Abortion on campus. Check them out below: 

3. Preparing for Life Changing Conversations

Do you need conversation starters to bring up important topics on campus? SFLA also offers different materials which help facilitate educational conversations to strengthen your pro-life group and challenge your student body. Here are a couple options below — get ready to talk:

Free Training: SFLA offers specialized free trainings that equip our students with the skills and tools they need to change hearts and minds for Life. Click HERE to request a training.

Event-in-a-Box Kits: Events-in-a-Box are exactly what they sound like: packages sent to your student group with professionally made materials to host your own events! Click HERE to request an Event-In-a-Box. 

Plan Your Year Guide: We are dedicated to equipping pro-life leaders and pro-life groups with the tools and skills necessary to end abortion in this lifetime. The 2023- 2024 Plan Your Year Guide will offer your group the necessary tools to be organized and successful in saving lives and helping mamas in need! Click HERE to request it. 

Unplanned Screenings: SFLA offers students free screenings of the pro-life movie Unplanned and a digital kit that goes along with the screening that includes a screening guide, promotional materials, and more! Click HERE to request it. 

4. Protecting Your Free Speech Rights

During the 2022 – 2023 school year, free speech issues tripled from past years, with nearly 10% of SFLA campus groups reporting First Amendment violations. The top two most commonly reported issues were theft/destruction of property and censorship from school administrations, among a host of other issues. Unfortunately, it can be hard to be publicly pro-life — but we want to help protect your pro-life free speech.

That’s why SFLA published a Free Speech Guide to help students understand their rights, and when your First Amendment freedoms are being wronged, our Free Speech team is here to help. If you, your student group, or your group advisor experience free speech issues this year, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Check out one of our free speech victories HERE

5. Partnering with SFLA for Public Displays

Do you want to be a part of national display campaigns that have seen results across the country? Your group can start by reviewing three different options which are all free of cost and guaranteed to start a buzz about abortion. Check them out below: 

Campus Tour: Every semester, SFLA hosts a new national tour display on pressing topics in the pro-life movement. For the 2023 Fall semester, our tour is called What is a Person? It will discuss the personhood of the preborn as fundamental in why they deserve protection. Click HERE to request it for your campus.  

Cemetery of the Innocents Display: Our Cemetery of the Innocents is a somber display that highlights the 1,025 children killed by Planned Parenthood every day in order to expose the abortion giant. Click HERE to request it for your campus. 

Tabletops: The SFLA Field Team is also equipped with tabletop displays (meaning they are smaller than the previous displays and fit entirely on a table) that we bring to campuses across this country. Our tabletops cover important topics in the pro-life movement like Human Rights, Planned Parenthood, Supportive Services, and more. To request a tabletop, click HERE

6. Joining Students Nationwide for Events 

Not to worry; you won’t be put in the same position as Elle in Legally Blonde. We’ve got your “social events calendar” — and it’s the even cooler, pro-life version that will help your group keep momentum throughout the semester. To keep best updated, follow SFLA on our social media accounts (TwitterFacebook, and Instagram), but here are three, must-see events below: 

7. Bookmarking Resources for Tough Questions & Paper Topics 

Whether you need answers after running into tough questions or want topic ideas for a pro-life paper this school year, SFLA has multiple resources that you’ll want to bookmark for future reference. These websites are consistently updated with new studies, apologetics tips, pro-life news stories, etc. For your reading pleasure: 

On Chemical Abortion Pills

New pro-life research (with particular insights on Gen Z and Millennials)

Helping women and families in unplanned pregnancies access free resources:

The pro-life perspective of new items in policy and pop culture:

The pro-life perspective of political news:

For women facing medical crisis situations when they are unsure of where to turn:

The best online pro-life education collection you could ask for:

8. Saving These Contacts for When You’re in Need  

Speaking of putting things away for a rainy day, you should know who to contact when you need them. SFLA wants to help you and your student group work through whatever situation you may find yourself in — so when in doubt, email it out to these addresses

Starting a group: [email protected]

Sharing your unique pro-life story: [email protected]

Free speech issues: [email protected]

Hands-on help from your Regional Coordinator: [yourstate] 

(For example, if you live in North Carolina, email [email protected]

9. Sharing Your Pro-Life Story 

Do you have an interesting pro-life testimony? Did your student group accomplish something amazing or face severe adversity? We want to hear about it, and we want to make sure others do, too. Sharing these stories can be immensely impactful as they inspire others in the Pro-Life Generation to persevere in the fight and remind them that they are not alone in their struggles. 

You can share your story via our SFLA blog and social media platforms by emailing [email protected] with a write-up and corresponding pictures. 

If you’re telling the story of an incident or event, please send your copy as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get outdated and stays relevant. 

Some SFLA Shop apparel
10. Buying Back to School Bling 

Who doesn’t love a good back to school sale? To get suited up for the fall semester, you can use code ‘backtoschool23’ for 23% off all merchandise at the SFLA Shop until September 1, 2023. You’ll find pro-life apparel, stickers, pins, and bags that will help you organically start conversations without even trying — and you’ll look cool doing it.  

Click HERE to access the SFLA Shop and start filling your cart! 

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