Want to Make a Difference? Bring a Students for Life Group to Your Campus Through Attending This 2023 How-To Webinar

Caroline Wharton - 31 Jul 2023

Just more than a year after the reversal of Roe v. Wade, we need to carry pro-life momentum to our states and our campuses. That’s why Students for Life of America (SFLA) is launching our Five Year Plan to start groups at all colleges across the country. That’s right — every single one.  

We’re teaching students that being pro-life is more than just liking a few social media graphics; it requires courage, knowledge, and action in your community and your campus. But how can you get started? By joining our Campus Takeover Webinar, of course!

SFLA currently works with more than 1,400 pro-life groups across the nation. That’s a big number, but if your school is not one of them, it is time to change that. If you feel a calling to do more but haven’t quite figured out what, consider this your answer: Start a SFLA group, and take over your campus for life.

We know getting started is a big step so to make it easy, you can join our Campus Takeover: Create a Culture of Life on Your Campus Webinar. This free training will be on Wednesday, August 2, 2023 at 8pm EST or 5pm PST. You’ll meet SFLA team members who will continue to mentor you further down the road and hear from pro-life advocate Isabel Brown, too.

You can register here: 

But there’s even more to get excited about with this webinar.    

All attendees will receive our Activism Kit for free in the mail. (This kit includes a free guidebook, signup sheets, stickers, a Plan Your Year Guide, and other helpful resources for beginning your pro-life group.) That’s not all — simply by registering, you’ll be entered to win a free, pro-life sweatshirt from our SFLA Shop.

This training event isfor grassroots pro-life student activists from middle school up through graduate level school (including homeschool students, of course) who are interested in multiplying the impact of their pro-life efforts by starting a SFLA group at their school/in their community.

Attending this training will do the following:    

  1. Empower your personal pro-life calling through practical easy steps.   
  2. Give you a glimpse of all that Students for Life has to offer to support your efforts.  
  3. Earn a free Activism Kit with resources for you to help you break ground on your school’s life-saving work.  

Don’t miss out on this awesome training — you can sign up here to join and hold your spot for your FREE Activism Kit.  

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