Continual Cha-Ching: Abortion Lobby’s Alter Ego ‘Gender Affirming Care’ Preys on Children’s Confusion, Creating “Patients for Life”  

Caroline Wharton - 26 Jul 2023

If you think the abortion lobby just wants to kill children, you don’t understand the complexity of their agenda. It’s much bigger than that. Rooted in the overpopulation and eugenicist ideas espoused by pro-abortion leaders such as Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, the abortion lobby truly just wants to stop more children from being born. This is accomplished in two ways: killing your kids (abortion) or making sure you can never have children in the first place (sterilization through what is called “gender affirming” care).  

Many Americans may not realize that as Planned Parenthood does less abortions in this Post-Roe America, they’re staying open for a different reason as they are now the second largest provider of “hormone therapy” for “transgender and gender non-conforming patients.” Yet beyond ruining fertility, what other harms do these drugs and “gender-affirming” surgeries pose for Americans, particularly our children?  

One young man, who has de-transitioned from living as a female after many medical interventions, recently spoke out on this topic, telling Fox News that such medical malpractice leads to people like him becoming a “patient for life.”  

Going by the name “Kobe,” he told Fox that if he had never been exposed to gender ideology, he “probably would have just stayed” a boy with more feminine interests. Yet due to the radical confusion that is sown in our culture today, he was influenced to transition at a young age, telling his parents he was transgender at 11 years old after being exposed to the idea on YouTube. Kobe was started on puberty blockers around 13 years old, estrogen at 16 years old, and later had castration surgery at just 19 years old — well before his brain had fully developed.  

Groomed by older adults online, Kobe says he was instructed to “play the suicide card” in order to get the chemical interventions (such as Planned Parenthood offers) and later receive his surgery. However, he stated, “I think it was all just stuff that was in my head. I don’t think I would have ever been suicidal about being biologically male if I had never been exposed to that stuff.”  

And how did he feel after it was all over, the surgery in the dust behind him? He expected it to help — but unfortunately, it ended up hurting both his emotional and physical state.    

At first, Kobe thought it would be great, but then “everything started to crack.”  

“I couldn’t ignore the complications. I couldn’t ignore that I mutilated myself pretty much with the permission of a psychiatrist,” he said. “It’s insane now, looking back. It’s just self-harm, you know…I was expecting it to help me help my mental health, and it didn’t do anything. I just wasted so much time, and all I did really was become a medical patient for life.” 

Kobe now reports a multitude of health issues which will keep him lining the medical industry’s pockets for the long-term. These include permanently stunted growth (due to the puberty blockers), chronic spine pain, suppressed vitality and happiness, loss of sexual function, joint pain, cognitive decline, weight gain, eating disorders, and urination issues, among others.  

Planned Parenthood advertising puberty blockers

Another negative effect he may come to realize in the future might be bone density issues from the puberty blockers. Reports show that puberty blockers have been linked to such problems, and a recent op-ed at The Federalist detailed such struggles from a cancer survivor who took the drugs as a survival treatment and now lives with the consequences: chronic pain and subsequent decrease in activity.  

She wrote, “The side effects I continue to experience from only nine months of Lupron [a puberty clocker], first administered in an authentic life-and-death situation, are far less severe than those on children, but they are permanent… We must stop the needless sterilization of children.” 

To learn more about the abortion giant’s involvement in this sick exploitation of children, check out Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins’ op-ed at The Federalist entitled “Planned Parenthood Isn’t On The Way Out, It’s Transitioning To Gender-Bending.” It’s yet another reason why we must defund and shut down this evil organization.  

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