New on Explicitly Pro-Life: Womanhood Is Not a Costume

Caroline Wharton - 21 Jul 2023

In the latest episode of Explicitly Pro-Life, the podcast hosted by Students for Life of America Kristan Hawkins, she is joined by the three founders of The Battle Cry, a brand-new organization created in response to the cult of gender-ideology cult. Hawkins, Carrie Boller, Britt Mayer, and Melissa O’Connor discuss how our culture today seeks to systemically erase women and wage war against truth in our schools, homes, government, and even our churches.

Woke gender ideology is a dangerous sham that parents need to rise up against in order to keep our kids safe from this predatory industry that wants to sterilize and mutilate them for profit. Listen to this episode to understand how you can join these efforts and protect our children.

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