Pro-Abortion Judges Aren’t a Problem Only in REAL LIFE: Supreme Court “Barbie” Actress, After Playing Law, Wants to Rule – We Object!

Caroline Wharton - 29 Jun 2023

Abortion lovers playing at being judges is a problem in many courts across the country, but it’s even harder to take when a high-profile abortion activist playing judge in a “Barbie” movie wants to bring her expertise from the big screen to a court near you. 

The doll brand manufactured by Mattel (popular with some yet often criticized by parents for oversexualization) has recently gone to Hollywood, producing a ‘Barbie’ movie which will be released in late July 2023. If you’re not planning on watching it, you’re not alone, and you’re probably not missing out; reviews have already called it a “fever dream.” What is weirder than this movie, however, is how seriously one of the actors, Ana Cruz Kayne, is being taken on her abortion position by media outlets. 

Why is she considered some sort of a quasi-expert? Well, she played Supreme Court Justice Barbie in the movie — clearly, her opinion should hold some weight. (And while we’re at it, there’s a shortage of obstetricians and gynecologists. Quick, someone get those Grey’s Anatomy actors in the delivery room!)   

In a recent piece at The Messenger, Kayne was gushed over and described as being “honored to serve as the highest-ranking justice in Barbieland.” Despite such a high distinction which made her feel “so powerful,” she told the outlet that the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is a “loaded topic.” 

Identifying herself as “extremely pro-choice,” Kayne said, “I think I have a very emotional relationship with Roe v. Wade, and I’m sure most women do…I just think it’s so important to let women know that they’re not alone in these decisions, that they’re not taken lightly.” 

Yet wouldn’t it be far more compassionate — indeed actual, genuine compassion — for us to let women know that they don’t need abortion to succeed? That the abortion lobby has brainwashed our society into thinking abortion is a crutch when it is actually a tool of oppression?

Students for Life of America (SFLA) heartily believes that we shouldn’t let women feel they are alone, and we also believe in giving them life-affirming alternatives, not surrendering them to the violence of abortion. Beyond killing a precious, preborn child, abortion can injure, sterilize, or even kill a woman — not to mention opening them up to domestic abuse and sex trafficking. Abortion isn’t right for anyone involved. 

That’s why it’s frankly so laughable when Kayne describes herself as a “woman who…projects justice.” Clearly, Lady Justice stands firmly with the pro-life movement as we fight for equal rights for all, born and preborn. We don’t discriminate based upon circumstances of conception, age, perceived ability or parental reception, economic status, etc. We value every human being, no questions asked.   

From trailers, the ‘Barbie’ movie appears to involve a quest from the painfully pink and fictional Barbieland to the Real World, and it may be worth reminding Kayne that she is a citizen of the latter. God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness might not be outlined in the bubble-gum colored, sparkly Constitution of Barbieland, but in the real world — in our Post-Roe America — these rights are expressly laid out in our founding document. The Pro-Life Generation will not rest until we see them respected in every state across our nation. 

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