Check Out the Life-Affirming Policy Changes SFLA Students Made on Their Campuses in the 2022 – 2023 School Year 

Caroline Wharton - 08 Jun 2023

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is committed to creating a life-affirming culture, both in our communities and on our campuses, and we’re so proud of our students for putting this principle into practice at their own institutions. During the 2022 – 2023 school year, SFLA students made major policy changes on their campuses to support pregnant and parenting students, and their hard work through administerial red tape and opposition will have long-lasting effects towards saving lives. Learn more about these individual policy changes and accommodations below:  

  1. Charleston Southern University – The Christian school will no longer dismiss a student for becoming pregnant outside of marriage. This is a huge win to discourage students from seeking abortion in order to stay in school. This new policy utilizes biblical scripture to uphold the school’s values while serving pregnant students in a way that will help them choose life. The SFLA student behind this policy, Chloe, was recently featured in a Campus Reform Exclusive, highlighting her efforts. She galvanized students to write support emails to the Dean of Students and was resolute in ensuring that students at Charleston Southern University never feel like abortion is their only option to continue their academic goals. 
  1. Louisville University - The Louisville SFLA group hosted a Dine & Dance event in October to fundraise money for a pregnant and parenting scholarship they created at their school. The group partnered with Right to Life Louisville and raised more than $5,000 to distribute to five students ($1,000 each). They also hosted a baby shower award ceremony for the recipients in April.  
  1. Benedictine College – To help accommodate pregnant and parenting students on campus, the SFLA group at Benedictine created maternity parking spaces. This solution acknowledges the problem that an expectant mother and a parenting mom could face — walking long distances — and resolves it while also affirming individual importance.  
  1. University of New Hampshire – Their campus used to offer a closet with a mere chair as their “lactation room.” However, this SFLA group remodeled the room by repainting and adding a refrigerator, lounge chair, and music to make moms more comfortable and welcome.  
  1. University of La Verne – The Leo Baby Pantry Project was created to provide free baby items for pregnant and parenting students at the University of La Verne. All collected items will be distributed alongside the Leo Food Pantry, which is the University of La Verne’s food pantry. Student volunteers stood outside a local grocery store and asked incoming shoppers if they would like to contribute to the project by purchasing baby items during their shopping trip and collecting them upon their exit.
  1. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University – SFLA Student Katherine Hamlet wasn’t given appropriate time to nurse as a new mother, so she worked with her Title IX Coordinator to create a new lactation policy for the medical school. This policy now allows any nursing woman the appropriate time and space to pump/nurse as needed. 
  1. University of Scranton – This Pennsylvania SFLA group created a babysitting organization on campus called Royals Babysitters which is also advertised on the school website. The group president spoke with the Dean of Students, and while there were initially concerns with money and liability, the group worked with the campus and Dean to alleviate all potential issues. Once approved, the group promoted their program through a newspaper article and had the Dean of Students send out an email to the entire university. Upon launching, they had four people reach out immediately for their services, proving just how needed they were.  
  1. Northwest Missouri State University – This school used to previously only have lactation room available to staff — but the SFLA group here changed that. Now, the policy ensures students also have access for use. 
  1. Whitworth University – This group worked to make a lactation room available in the chapel, which greatly changed how parenting moms can access this resource. 
  1. University of Miami – Ohio – Standing With You Fellow Rose worked with her SFLA group to create a scholarship on campus for pregnant and parenting students.

And a new addition for number 11: Boston College – The Boston College Pro-Life Club added diaper changing stations into their bathrooms.

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