SFLA Student Spokespersons Advice for the Pro-Life Generation  

Caroline Wharton - 11 May 2023
SFLA Student Spokesperson Noeli Aguirre

GUEST POST: As a pro-life activist at California State University Fresno, it’s important to fight for life everywhere but especially here in the Golden State because we are no longer a beacon for life. I often think about how pro-life change can be affected in this state, and to be a part of this change, I joined a Student Spokesperson Fellowship with Students for Life of America (SFLA). I wanted to learn how to be a better pro-life spokesperson to help change hearts and minds, and I have met so many inspiring people along the way.  

While speaking out for the preborn comes with challenges and I’ve had to learn some lessons the hard way, I know that if I can do it, anyone can. Here are some tips from myself and other student spokespersons on how to be a successful leader in your community:  

Student Spokesperson Noah Slayter taught me to always have “a couple statistics on hand” because you never know when the subject of abortion will come up. Whether it is for an interview, a casual conversation about the pro-life movement, or discussion in the classroom, it is important to have key and relevant figures to build your case. This adds credibility as it reinforces that you know what you are talking about.  

Student Spokesperson Natalie Wilson recommends confidence. She reminds me to “be confident in your knowledge. Remember that life is winning. We are on the offense.” I cannot agree more! If you sound unsure or do not know what you’re talking about, it is better to admit it rather than to stumble and pretend. In the case of an interview, it is okay to ask the interviewer if you can send them the statistic you wanted to use since you aren’t 100% sure that your memory is correct. (This is also where having a couple statistics memorized comes into play.) 

SFLA Student Spokespersons & SFLA President Kristan Hawkins

Another tip is to always be courteous. Student Spokesperson Anna Young emphasizes that every interaction must be treated “with purpose and respect — whether it is with the press, pro-abortion protesters, or fellow pro-lifers.” Remember that you are representing a movement, and as Anna says, “something so much bigger than us which has eternal significance.” After all, we are building a movement.  

I recommend having a contact for “every pillar.” It is important to know people who focus on specific parts of the pro-life movement, especially when doing grassroots activism. For example, do you have supportive services contact or have a life-affirming center you can use as a resource to give to a woman who is pregnant or parenting? Do you know your local sidewalk counselors, educational resources, fellow activists, etc.? When you have these down, you begin to grow your network and can better help those around you, too! 

When speaking up as a member of the Pro-Life Generation, it is okay to be afraid and intimidated, but you must show courage. This is the most selfless movement you can be a part of as you are standing up for one-third of our generation that has been lost to abortion and that we will never know. It is our time to step up and be leaders — so continue to fight for life wherever you are. 

If you need help with apologetics, I recommend With the summer break coming up for many of us, it is a great time to get involved in our communities and I encourage you to meet three new people this summer who are dedicated to different areas in the pro-life movement. Take this break to work on becoming a leader in the pro-life movement — it’s a worthy endeavor. 

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