Dear Kamala: It Doesn’t Take a Doctorate to Know When Medications Are Used for Abortion vs. Cancer!

Caroline Wharton - 24 Apr 2023
Guest post by licensed pharmacist & Campaign for Abortion Free Cities Community Organizer Mary Curtis

As a pro-life pharmacist, I was deeply concerned with Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent statement comparing Chemical Abortion Pills to chemotherapy. I will start by saying that I do not discount that medications are complex and can be difficult to understand. However, I think it is fair to say the majority of Americans understand that the intentions of chemotherapy medications are to save a life and while the pro-abortion side may not be willing to admit it, a preborn life is taken when Chemical Abortion Pills are administered.  

Knowing what is right and wrong when it comes to information found on the internet related to medications can be complicated, especially with the mass number of resources available at our fingertips. In fact, a quick google search of any drug name will yield you pages upon pages of information. WebMD is arguably one of the most popular of these resources. An article from August 2021 shared the staggering statistic that “more than 75 million consumers access WebMD each month for health information and to find healthcare professionals to meet their needs.” These websites are so simple to use that even the Vice President could quickly and easily find that chemotherapy medications are intended to be life-saving, whereas Chemical Abortion Pills are clearly intended to end a life.

Since Harris seems to be struggling with understanding the difference (and didn’t take the time to do a quick Google search), I am happy to take a moment to help clarify the vast differences between these two categories of drugs for her. Chemical Abortion medications work by blocking the hormone progesterone, which is essential for the growth and development of the preborn baby. When deprived of progesterone, not only is the life of the preborn baby ended but the woman’s life is also put at risk during this painful process. In a huge contrast, chemotherapy medications are targeted at cancer cells that are attacking the body while trying to minimize harm to healthy cells. Chemotherapy does not come without its fair share of side effects, but the ultimate intention is still to save lives, not take them!  

The Vice President did not stop at the comparison to chemotherapy but also tossed asthma, blood pressure, and insulin medicines in the mix. As a healthcare professional, it was always my desire for patients to not have the need to take medications, but sometimes it is necessary. In those cases of necessity, it is intended to make their lives better and not end in harm. As pro-lifers, we support life so of course we support medications like chemotherapy that are designed to sustain life. We do, however, have a problem with drugs when they purposely take life, like Chemical Abortion Pills.

It does not take a doctorate to see that Kamala Harris’ comparison of Chemical Abortion Pills to chemotherapy is misleading and inappropriate. On top of being incorrect and misleading, Harris’ comments are frankly insulting to patients using chemotherapy and to preborn children as she makes them analogous to cancer. Whether it is intended misinformation or ignorance, this was disappointing to see from our Vice President. Next time, please just use Google.

A Pro-Life Pharmacist  

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