Drum Roll: The Winners of Spring 2023 National Pro-Life Chalk Day

Caroline Wharton - 04 Apr 2023
Guest post by SFLA Programs Coordinator Lucy Gonzalez

GUEST POST: After Students for Life of America (SFLA) made some tough decisions picking our top ten National Chalk Day submissions, the Pro-Life Generation has spoken — and our top three winners have been chosen! Each semester, we are more and more impressed with the dedication of SFLA groups around the country who take the time and effort to create beautiful testimonies of pro-life witness on their campus sidewalks for passers-by to admire. Without further ado, here are our 2023 Spring Chalk Day winners: 

1. New Mexico State University Students for Life  

 Students from New Mexico State University Students for Life designed a stunning portrait of a mother holding her baby, surrounded by various flowers. Different fetal development facts are also around the flowers, highlighting important milestones of human life that occur within the womb. The banners above and below the portrait read “Love Them Both” — an important reminder — and “,” SFLA’s support network for pregnant and parenting students. This group won a $100 Amazon gift card. Check out their work below:  

2. Bowling Green State University Falcons for Life

At this school, one of the pro-life students designed an image of a pregnant woman surrounded by hearts. This image reminds us that in the pro-life movement, we truly ‘love them both’ by offering women and their preborn children the support they deserve. This group won a $25 Amazon gift card and up to five free t-shirts from the SFLA Shop. Their artwork is below: 

Student submissions were so full of talent that there was a tie for the third place winners!

3. Ohio University Bobcats for Life 

At Ohio University, the Bobcats for Life opted for geometric elements surrounding a preborn human within a heart. Look closely to see the heart inside of the child, which indicates a powerful reminder that abortion often stops a beating heart. This group won a $15 Amazon gift card and up to three free t-shirts from the SFLA Shop. Check out their work below:  

3. University of Montana Students for Life  

At the University of Montana, the campus SFLA group opted to go whimsical and use a Dr. Seuss quote to remind their classmates that inside or outside the womb, your life is still valuable. This group also won a $15 Amazon gift card and up to three free t-shirts from the SFLA Shop. Check out their life-affirming art below:  

SFLA is immensely proud of all our students who participated in National Pro-Life Chalk Day and all supporters who voted to decide who would win. We hope that first-time participants in Chalk Day will continue to inspire others with their art for semesters to come. We are also glad to report that we had a large number of participants once again this semester, indicating that even though Roe v. Wade may be reversed, the pro-life movement is still stepping up to make their voices heard proudly on their campus walkways! 

To see the list of the top ten chalk nominations, click HERE

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