Biggest Losers of Spring 2023 National Pro-Life Chalk Day: Triggered Abortion Supporters

Caroline Wharton - 03 Apr 2023
Guest post by SFLA Programs Coordinator Lucy Gonzalez

GUEST POST: Students for Life of America (SFLA) groups across the nation recently participated in the Spring 2023 National Pro-Life Chalk Day, and abortion supporters tried to deter their positive messaging — boldly vandalizing several of the chalk displays. In case you missed seeing these vandalizations on the SFLA social media pages, here are our top eight instances of pro-abortion destruction: 

College of William & Mary  

The College of William and Mary SFLA group, the Tribe for Life, chalked pro-life messages in a central campus location — but within less than two hours, all of their messages were completely erased! It is quite striking that the chalk vandals opted to erase the statistic show below which states that about 67% of Down Syndrome children are victims of abortion in the United States.  

Before vandals erases the chalking
Florida State University 

At Florida State University, within just 20 minutes of the campus SFLA group beginning their Chalk Day creations, some pro-abortion students came over and purposely spilled water all over one of the displays.  When the students tried to record the incident, the vandal ran away.  After the event was over, group members later noticed that more protesters had crossed out the pro-life messages and had written pro-abortion messages instead, including “Pro-Choice” and “Our Body, Our Choice.”  

Pro-abortion messages
North Carolina State University

At this school in the capital of North Carolina, two pro-abortion vandals were actually caught on camera destroying this SFLA group’s loving messages such as “Women deserve real healthcare – not abortion.” The abortion supporters scratched out the messages with their shoes, poured water on the chalk, and slowly sulked away after doing their damage. 

Vandal pours water bottle on art and messages
University of North Carolina – Greensboro, NC 

Within an hour of the University of North Carolina Greensboro Students for Life’s chalk display going up, three different girls poured water over the chalk and wiped away the messages with their shoes. By the time the club had finished capturing the vandals on video, all their chalk art was gone. 

When the leaders of the club confronted the vandals, they were met with curse words and were flipped off. During the tense video encounter, a vandal said “At one point you wrote protect babies. No! Protect women!” 

‘Love Them Both’ is washed away

 If the vandals really believed this, they wouldn’t have erased the message below, which reads: “Love Them Both, Mom and Baby.” Read our SFLA blog on this incident entitled,” Engaging Our Campus Vandals with Scientific Facts & Love.”

St. Leo University  

At St. Leo University, the Students for Life group made a beautiful chalk display with lots of pro-life messages. Later the next day, almost the whole display was either erased or defaced. Some of the pro-choice messages written include “LIBERATE ABORTION” and F*ck them kids.” 

Vandals write ‘Liberate’ on pro-life messages
Northwest Missouri State University 

As soon as Northwest Missouri State University Students for Life finished chalking supportive messages outside one of their campus buildings, three students armed with water bottles decided it was time to erase some of their work. 

Supportive messages
Bowling Green State University

At this school, the Bowling Green Falcons for Life created gorgeous chalk art, taking inspiration from Dr. Suess with the quote “A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small.” However, this vivid art was defaced shortly after it went up.  

Beautiful art washed away
University of Akron  

University of Akron Students for Life noticed their pro-life messages were countered with pro-abortion misinformation. Vandals decided to cross out some of their messages, including “Life Rocks!” and replaced it with “Protect Life – Not Cells” below. Who’s going to tell them that these “cells” in the womb are a human life?  

Vandals ironically wrote ‘Protect Life Not Cells’

Despite these pro-abortion bullies, we’re proud of our SFLA groups across the country for witnessing for life on National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

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