Three Reasons Why It’s a Bad Idea to Let WHO Take Public Health Emergency Reins

Caroline Wharton - 23 Feb 2023

It’s bad enough that the Biden Administration wants to declare a public health emergency over abortion, but the plot thickens — and gets worse. Guess who President Biden wants to put in charge of American public health emergencies? Spoiler alert: not America. It’s the pickler of public health and COVID-denounced dolt itself: the World Health Organization (WHO).  

According to multiple reports, the Biden Administration is currently in negotiation with the WHO over a “legally binding” agreement which would permit the WHO to decree United States policies during a declared pandemic. The Epoch Times reported that this compulsion to follow WHO authority would be in regards to “treatments, government regulations such as lockdowns and vaccine mandates, global supply chains, and monitoring and surveillance of populations.”  

(Click HERE to read Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins’ Fox News op-ed entitled “Abortion is an Emergency, but Dangerous in a Different Way Than What Biden Claims.”) 

Lockdowns, vaccines, and monitoring populations; we saw all of this and more during the COVID pandemic — and speaking of the 2020 government overstep in the name of “safety,” how well did the WHO do in prescribing COVID policy exactly?  

In so many words, not so hot.  

The WHO was actually internationally lambasted for their destructive contributions in the COVID clean-up, making it, in reality, an even bigger mess. A report compiled by the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response called the combined response of WHO and individual governments “a toxic cocktail.” The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the largest provider of HIV/AIDS care globally, created an in-depth list of the top ten ways the WHO catastrophically failed the world.  The Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit focused on national health issues, recognized “many member states, including the U.S., have criticized WHO for its handling of the COVID-19 response.”  

Clearly, the WHO’s handling of the COVID was considered by many to be largely negative even to the point of being “catastrophic” — so why on earth would the Biden Administration hand them the reigns? Failure shouldn’t be rewarded with even more impactful responsibility. That’s just asking for an even greater disaster next time.  

In addition, the WHO is rabidly pro-abortion and overall unsupportive of the truth that life is sacred; period and no questions asked. We see their value of conditional human worth in their support of “cost-effective thresholds” (CETs). According to National Institute of Health, the WHO is a proponent of CETs, which are analyses that determine whether a medical need (a surgery, rehabilitation program, drug, etc.) is “worthwhile” and should reflect health opportunity cost. 

What does worthwhile mean? In analyses such as this, worthwhile is defined by how much it will cost to help a human life versus how much that human life will be able to produce for society — making a human beings’ worth based off something other than the mere, qualifying fact that they are human. This is dehumanization in action, plain and simple.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins intimately understands the harms of dehumanizing analyses like CETs as the mother of two special needs children with cystic fibrosis (CF). Her oldest son, Gunner, and youngest daughter, Gracie, have both been diagnosed with the genetic disease and require medical care such as breathing treatments as a result.  

(Click HERE to read a Fox News op-ed by Hawkins entitled “Kristan Hawkins: I’m Terrified at the Thought of What Government-Run Health Care Means for my Children.”)  

The Hawkins Family

Hawkins told Focus on the Family about how her own family has strengthened her pro-life resolve, saying: “As a mother with children who others would argue should never have been born. I know that life has a value even if someone else does not view it as ‘perfect enough’ to survive.”  

Clearly — between the COVID-calamity, their support of abortion, and their discriminatory views of human beings — it would be far more appropriate for the WHO to have their tail between their legs than run the United States’ public health emergencies.  

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