5 Things Planned Parenthood Has Been Up To Lately…Number 4 Might Surprise You 

Caroline Wharton - 15 Feb 2023
Guest post by Students for Life of America’s Contributing Writer Anna Reynolds

GUEST POST: Many people mistakenly believe that abortion is now illegal because the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. WadeThat is not the case. Roe v. Wade, the unjust court ruling handed down in 1973, forced all states to legalize abortion. The Court’s needed decision to return the legislation of abortion back to the states means that states with a pro-life majority finally have the ability to protect preborn lives. 

Unfortunately, abortion is still legal in most states, in some up to the time of birth. While abortion is legal, you can be sure that Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business, will still be in action. What exactly has Planned Parenthood been up to lately?  

Suing Pro-Life States 

Abortion is big business for Planned Parenthood. In case that was not obvious, Planned Parenthood likes to take states to court for any and all legal protections for preborn babies. Protecting babies in the womb is bad for business. 

Recently, Planned Parenthood started legal battles in ArizonaFloridaGeorgiaIdahoIndianaMichiganNorth CarolinaOklahomaSouth Carolina, and Utah. And that is not an exhaustive list. Tying up the courts with legal challenges to any and all protections for preborn babies is clearly a top priority for Planned Parenthood.  

Planned Parenthood’s fight against protections for baby in the womb become harder and harder to justify as science reveals more about the amazing development of babies before birth

Grooming Kids 

You might think Planned Parenthood doesn’t like kids. Afterall, the abortion chain is responsible for the death of more preborn babies than any other business in the United States. It turns out, once children are born, Planned Parenthood really likes them. Not in ways that are good for them; Planned Parenthood’s interest in children is making them into future customers. 

When Planned Parenthood sex-ed instructors convince kids to trust them instead of their parents at a young age, who will they turn to when dangerous practices leave them with an unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections? Planned Parenthood, of course! And that is exactly what is happening when Planned Parenthood “sexperts” coach kids in ordering sex toys online without their parents’ knowledge and encourage dangerous adult behavior in young children. 

These instructors are not rogue actors with a personal agenda. At Planned Parenthood this philosophy of grooming children starts at the top. Students for Life of America previously reported on Planned Parenthood’s executive sexual education director Bill Taverner who believes children are “sexual from birth” and should be subjected to education in pornography starting in kindergarten. There’s no doubt about it: Planned Parenthood wants to groom your kids. 

Pushing Pills 

Like the rest of the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood loves Chemical Abortion Pills. With less overhead and oversight, administering Chemical Abortion Pills instead of surgically mutilating and extracting a preborn baby is great for abortion businesses. Women and young girls are often left to deliver the body of their dead baby on their own, meaning the abortion industry doesn’t have to deal with the bodies. 

Planned Parenthood has even been advertising Chemical Abortion Pills to young kids through inappropriate cartoons. The breezy segment fails to explain the gruesome reality of abortion, let alone mention any of the serious complications possible. 

Sterilizing Minors 

As pro-lifers gain ground and expand protections for defenseless preborn babies, Planned Parenthood is looking to diversify. In the emerging, experimental field of cross-sex hormone therapy, Planned Parenthood has found a cash cow. Preying on confused teens, Planned Parenthood has begun a lucrative business dispensing wrong-sex hormones without adequate parental or psychiatric oversight. Even left-wing pundits have had to admit that the potent drugs being doled out to unsuspecting minors may have serious, life-long consequences.  

You may not have realized that the nation’s largest abortion business is quickly becoming one of the biggest hormone distributors. Exact numbers are not known, but former staffers say that the scale of this business is ramping up. Parents and lawmakers need to sound the alarm before Planned Parenthood ensures that the better part of the next generation will never be parents.  

Pretending Not To Be Racist 

Planned Parenthood, founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, has been racist from its beginning and continues to face allegations and lawsuits. Planned Parenthood loves to pretend to be a champion for the very people they are targeting for death. How else do you explain the placement of abortion businesses in minority neighborhoods and accepting donations earmarked for the death of babies of a specific race

Under tremendous political pressure, Planned Parenthood has tried to distance the abortion business from its founder but executives have yet to denounce the organization’s racist history. The main reason for the reluctance? Planned Parenthood is still a racist organization. 

Abortion is still legal in much of the United States, and Planned Parenthood is still very active. While it remains the abortion giant, the group has been up to a lot. Which one surprised you?  

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