Roe v. Wade is Gone- Now What?

Caroline Wharton - 28 Jun 2022

For almost 50 years, pro-life Americans have prayed for and worked towards a Post-Roe America, and now we are celebrating as Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey have finally been given a dual-tombstone that reads, “1973 & 1992 -2022: Good riddance to these god-forsaken rulings.” But even though our nation has been ultimately freed from these egregiously wrong decisions through the Dobbs v. Jackson case, our movement is far from over—in fact, it’s a new playing field has only just begun.  

The abortion policy decision has been handed back to the states, and that means that our battleground is now entirely on the state level—and Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) are already there. Even before the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, we have been implementing our Post-Roe strategy in states, and now we are prepared to lead the pro-life movement in the two necessary steps: protection for life in law and protection for life in service.  

Roe v. Wade is Gone

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SFLAction and SFLA President Kristan Hawkins recently wrote about this in an article published at Fox News and entitled, “RIP Roe: Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Sets Stage for What Pro-Life Groups Do Next.” She explained in her op-ed that the portion of the Dobbs. v. Jackson that excites the pro-life movement in particular is the line that holds that it is a legitimate state interest to protect the life of the unborn. She wrote,  

“A legitimate state interest in our lives has led to all kind of laws from speed limits to opioid restrictions. Given the dangers and health risks of abortion to women and certainly to the preborn, states have a right to act to preserve and protect the preborn and their mothers. And many pro-life groups are lining up to help.”  

Roe v. Wade is Gone

How will pro-life groups such as SFLAction help in state legislatures? By encouraging state representatives to choose effective bills to eradicate abortion. Hawkins clearly laid out SFLAction’s legislative plans in her article, writing:  

“Because more than 9 in 10 abortions take place by 12 weeks, Students for Life Action will prioritize early abortion limits, like protection at conception, heartbeat, and chemical abortion pill bills. With Roe’s false viability line gone, we can finally help many who can’t yet live outside the womb.”  

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Hawkins also clarified what the pro-life movement will not be doing with legislation—and that is in any way supporting the prosecution of abortion-seeking women. Contrary to the abortion lobby’s false narrative that we are seeking to lock up these women, we actually believe in loving and supporting them (take notes, abortion lobby). Hawkins wrote,  

Roe v. Wade is Gone

“One thing you won’t see from leading pro-life groups are any efforts to prosecute women, something we’ve always opposed as we see her as a second victim undermined by a sales pitch that claims she is alone in the world and incapable of balancing both career and family – so stay at work. The focus of laws will be on the billion-dollar enterprises with the business model of preying on women in a moment of great stress. 

“The pro-life community and legislators will need to expand services to mothers and families as Texas did. Programs like SFLA’s Standing with You will be even more vital for women seeking information about federal, state and local programs already in place.”  

To read the rest of Hawkins’ Post-Roe article at Fox News, click HERE. 

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