Today on Explicitly Pro-Life: The Abortion Lobby Encourages DIY Abortions?

Caroline Wharton - 01 Jun 2022

Today on  Explicitly Pro-Life, the podcast hosted by SFLA president Kristan Hawkins, Hawkins discusses the real back-alley abortions that—despite safety concerns— the abortion lobby is encouraging: DIY Chemical Abortion concoctions.

The episode, entitled “Chemical Coat Hanger Abortions,” talks about how the abortion lobby is so fixated on the availability of abortions that they are pushing women to use dangerous homemade abortion pills and teas—too bad they don’t weigh women’s health and children’s safety as heavily.

DIY Abortion Pills

When abortion supporters want to say that the reversal of Roe v. Wade is horrifying, Hawkins asserts in this episode that what is really horrifying is that the abortion lobby is encouraging and egging women on to use these dangerous abortion “recipes.” She also emphasizes that the abortion lobby will be responsible for these women’s deaths if they die after consuming a faulty abortion concoction.

Hawkins also maintains that it is the duty of the Pro-Life Generation to call out the abortion lobby for putting women’s health in jeopardy. In the same breath that the abortion lobby is warning of dangerous back-alley abortions due to the reversal of Roe (which Hawkins disputes), they are advertising and condoning such actions through homemade abortions.

DIY Abortion Pills

Tune in today to learn more about how the abortion lobby is leading vulnerable women down a dangerous path with their homemade abortion cocktails; click HERE to listen!

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