Disney’s “Turning Red” Should Turn Parents Off Disney

Caroline Wharton - 03 Apr 2022

If you’re thinking about having a movie night with Disney’s newest film, “Turning Red,” you might want to think again—and even reconsider Disney altogether. Disney has rightly come under fire recently for blatantly pushing a sexual and pro-abortion agenda on children, and their new movie showcases that like none other.  

An op-ed on this topic, written by Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins, was recently published at Fox News. It’s entitled, “I’m a Mom and I’m Saying Goodbye to Disney.”  

On the “Turning Red” movie, she writes, “The adults at Disney create a storyline for the young main character [Mei] and her fictional friends around their attraction of an older boy dangerously close to being a legal adult at seventeen…It’s even more appalling when Mei begins to draw this boy in what a “Turning Red” YouTube account calls “dirty drawings.” Her drawings include half-naked sketches of him, and, at one point, she crawls under her bed to get all hot and sweaty with her sketchbook of semi-nude scribbles. It would be hard to explain this scene as anything other than masturbation.” 

Hawkins continues, “The abortion lobby gets in on the action in the very end when Mei goes out with her panda tail and ears on display. When her mother disapproves, Mei apes the abortion lobby’s signature and sinister catchphrase as she says, “My panda, my choice.” 

Hawkins also points out that Disney isn’t just poisoning the punch in children’s movies, either. The corporation is similarly working to get inappropriate sexual content in the classroom in Florida where they have been pressured by activist employees into actively opposing the state’s Parental Rights in Education Law, designed to protect children in schools from sexual agendas.  

Hawkins writes, “Disney CEO Bob Chapek…asserted that the company would be stopping political funding in Florida and instead focusing its resources on supporting “advocacy groups to combat similar legislation in other states.” Disney indeed pledged $5 million to the Human Rights Campaign. However, its contribution was denied by HRC, which said Disney needs to do more for the alphabet soup lobby. 

“But what more can Disney really do? Sexualized content seems to be the new pixie dust at Disney, sprinkled liberally.”  

Click HERE to read the rest of the article at Fox News.  

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