We Are Celebrating the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities’ First Anniversary!

Caroline Wharton - 18 Mar 2022
Guest post by Students for Life of America’s Director of Strategic Initiatives Michele Hendrickson

GUEST POST: Our first year of theCampaign for Abortion Free Cities (CAFC) is behind us, and our team has seen incredible growth. With Roe v. Wade on its way out the door, everyone is watching the abortion battle on the state and municipal level. That’s why it is critical for us to continue local grassroots efforts and take ownership in our communities. Through the CAFC, we not only want to see pro-life victory, but we also want to equip local leaders to sustain a culture of life for generations.  

We knew developing and enacting the strategy for making our communities abortion free would be no easy task, but our team has learned a lot this past year. Everyone is excited and ready to make their cities abortion free, but the next question is how? That’s where we come in!

In each city, the CAFC team has built a coalition of students, church partners, and local leaders to strategically eradicate abortion through 1) increasing awareness and support of the local Pregnancy Help Center, 2) decreasing support and customers for the local abortion facility, 3) changing hearts and minds on the issue of abortion, and 4) preparing our community for legislative victories that will protect the preborn. Over the last year, we have made progress in all areas through a variety of campaign activities including door-to-door outreach, sidewalk counseling, church partnership, displays, and so much more.  

Since March of 2021, we have… 

  • Knocked on 107,060 doors 
  • Held 8,386 in-person conversations 
  • Activated 1,500 pro-life community members 
  • Changed 481 minds in-person 
  • Held 236,115 online conversations through digital ads 
  • Changed 47,840 minds online 
  • Saved 30 babies that we know of (29 through online ads, 1 through sidewalk counseling) 
  • Served over 1,600 women through online outreach 
  • Built 75 church partnerships  
  • Served 796 sidewalk counseling hours and 1,500 pro-life witness hours (Life Chains, community displays, etc.) 

Since every city is unique, we have recruited and hired local leaders to equip their teams with a custom approach to their community.  

There are still more positions to be filled!  

In 2022, each city’s team of leaders will focus on their strategic next steps in order to progress their cities forward. We have deployed custom digital advertisements geotargeting these communities as well as a custom questionnaire at the door during canvassing. Each part of the campaign is measured and analyzed so that we know we are making the best decisions in each city.  

The 2022 Campaign for Abortion Free Cities  is set up for success, and we are excited to see more lives saved, more women served, more minds changed, and our communities another year closer to being abortion free

Want to be a part of history and make YOUR city abortion free? Join one of our existing campaigns or start your own by clicking HERE.  

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