Paid Abortion Leave: Compensation for Killing Children

Caroline Wharton - 06 Jan 2022

More reports are popping up concerning a new policy currently rearing its ugly head in several United States cities: paid abortion leave for city employees. That’s right; in three American cities today, if you’re a municipal employee, you can kill your child and be rewarded with a full paycheck and at least one day off. Is this why people say the world is going crazy?

As Students for Life of America’s Staff Writer Caroline Wharton previously observed in an article at TownHall titled, “3 Reasons Why Paid Abortion Leave is Just Stupid,” paid abortion leave doesn’t make any sense—like at all.

She wrote, “This new policy has popped up in cities like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Portland, Oregon. In both Pittsburgh and Portland, city workers can get up to three days of fully paid bereavement leave off following a loss of pregnancy—and abortion is included as an eligible “loss” of pregnancy (similarly, the City of Boston pays workers for up to 12 weeks of abortion time off under the guise of “parental leave”). Portland’s ordinance even goes so far as to specifically outline that abortions do not need to be “deemed medically necessary” in order to qualify for this leave.

“Pro-abortion supporters do not get to talk out of both sides of their mouth. There is either a child who has been killed during an abortion, or there’s not. (Spoiler alert, there is a child!) If there’s a child being killed during an abortion, abortion is wrong and should be illegal because children shouldn’t be killed. That means there is no place for paid abortion leave.

Reversing Roe

“If pro-abortion supporters insist that the preborn are just clumps of cells and not really children, then there should be nothing to mourn about an abortion. We don’t do bereavement leave for colonoscopies, do we? If an abortion is an innocuous medical procedure, there is no place for paid abortion bereavement leave.

“If pro-abortion supporters want to argue for paid abortion leave on the basis that women need recovery time after an abortion, that doesn’t fall under bereavement. It also defeats their lie that abortions are safe and easy, a myth widely propagated by the abortion industry. Once again, this policy is inappropriate.”

While paid abortion time off does leave us with many questions, here’s the most insistent thought on our mind: why should a family leave (bereavement or parental) be given to someone who actively chose not to have a family—even to the point of killing a family member? You can’t make that make sense; it just leaves a really bad taste in your mouth.

The Pro-Life Generation needs to be on the watch for policies like these popping up in your own cities—the abortion lobby will try to expand on this terrible idea—and we must not allow it.

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