Pro-Life Student Hosts Conference on ‘Unethical and Barbaric’ Aborted Fetal Tissue Research

Caroline Wharton - 02 Nov 2021


Reposted from The College Fix:


‘The most helpless individuals’ are the victims of experimentation

A pro-life student plans to host a conference on November 8 that will discuss the problems of aborted fetal tissue research and advocate for change.

The “Unethical Research Conference” at the University of Pittsburgh “will include three national speakers commenting on topics ranging from bioethics to law and followed by a panel discussion with questions from the audience,” student organizer Lucia Hunt (right) told The College Fix via email.

The Franciscan University of Steubenville student is undertaking the conference as part of the Students for Life of America’s Christian Fellowship program.

“The most helpless individuals in our society are being targeted by researchers throughout America for barbaric and inhumane experimentations,” Hunt declares on her website. “In response to these illegal tests, Stop Aborted Fetal Testing in America is urging a response from the American people to federally ban child slaughter and inhumane testing.”

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