What to Do When ‘Couch Activism’ Isn’t An Option

Brenna Lewis - 04 Oct 2021


In the midst of a Facebook/Instagram blackout lives a good reminder of why the Pro-Life Generation trains to have effective in-person dialogues and participate in more grassroots activism than anyone else. Because the online world offers no guarantees – and we can’t take that chance with preborn lives on the line.

Our mission at Students for Life of America is to abolish abortion. That mission drives every single thing we do. But it’s not just a tagline or gimmick; we are literally working to make our nation 100% abortion free. That core mission, and the always lurking threat of social media crashes like this, is the driving force behind our brand-new Campaign for Abortion Free Cities.  This campaign exists because ‘keyboard courage’ won’t get us to the finish line of abolishing abortion.

Another BIG reason why our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is so crucial is the tendency of Big Tech to play whack-a-mole with pro-life voices online (or to disappear completely). It’s imperative that we be on the ground having face-to-face conversations with our neighbors. Not only does this evade online censorship and unreliability, but we all know that a one-on-one conversation is more powerful and persuasive than an online interaction.

Facebook and Instagram will likely return. But it’s a good time to make sure you’re connected in other ways, too. The lone wolf Twitter is a good place to start! But you can also find us on YouTube, TikTok, and the smaller platforms like MeWe, Rumble, and Parler. Just search @studentsforlife.

Go to our homepage and sign up for action alerts. It’s the only way to ensure you can keep up meaningful, impactful activism even if the online world goes dark. Students for Life enjoys being able to expand our impact via social media, but we will never rely on it to accomplish our mission. We SHOW UP everywhere the pro-life message is needed. And we aren’t stopping.

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