Pro-Choice Students at Catholic College Plot to Identify Pro-Life Peers Via Witch Hunt

Brenna Lewis - 30 Sep 2021


The pro-life students at St. Louis University (SLU) have been weathering some serious hatred from pro-choice peers this semester. Despite the school’s Catholic heritage, abortion supporting students are doing their best to bully the Students for Life group into silence. Spoiler: not gonna happen. 

Fake Accounts and Online Bullying

SLU Students for Life’s trouble begins with pro-choice trolls who made look-a-like Instagram accounts masquerading as the real Students for Life group.

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It isn’t the first time we’ve seen this tactic on a national scale, but SLU’s abortion supporters took the harassment a step farther. They instructed every pro-choice student at the school to publicly call out anyone they knew to be pro-life in the middle of class in a Scarlet Letter or The Crucible-esque witch hunt fashion. They posted on their story a list of pro-life students’ usernames.

The parallel to sexual predators suggests that people who oppose the destruction of children in the womb are of equal danger to society as monsters who molest women and children is, of course, fully absurd. “It’s important for us to be aware of the people we do class projects with and share test answers with.” (Are they talking about cheating on tests?) The notion that they must ostracize and avoid all interaction with someone who holds a different view is toxic and unfortunately widespread.

Chalk Wars at Students for Life Display

Lucy Gonzalez, SFLA’s Missouri Regional Coordinator and SLU alumnus, brought our See Me Now campus display to SLU on Monday. Before she had even finished setting up the display with the pro-life students, a girl with chalk in hand breezed by and drew a coat hanger with the words “Never Again” on the wall near the display.

The girl wanted nothing to do with civil dialogue, but Lucy still said to her, “We want to help women who have been through the trauma of abortion. We want to support women in crisis!” To which the chalker threw a glare and sulked away. One of the Students for Life members found their own chalk and wrote, “Support after abortion,” near the dark message.

The next day, someone had erased the supportive message and replaced it with an old, tired “argument:”

More Reactions to the Campus Display

For some reason, many pro-choice students feel entitled to approach us and commence shouting. During this See Me Now display, a student came up and immediately began yelling, “I don’t understand why you are out here SHAMING women! I know women on this campus who have had abortions and it’s so upsetting to see this display!”

Lucy and the pro-life students calmly replied, “I know this can be a very hard issue to discuss, and I know that there is real trauma from abortion. We want to help women who have that trauma.” But the angry girl wanted no conversation and stormed off.

Still later, an unknown & cowardly dissenter evidently called campus police to report a “disturbance.” Fortunately, the three officers who responded were good-natured. They made sure the group had official permission to be there (which they did), then commented, “Yeah, I see nothing wrong here. I don’t understand why people get so mad at pro-lifers,” noting that he himself was pro-life. The group had a good conversation with him and took down the students’ information in case any pro-choice students decided to create an actual disturbance.

Give It a Rest

Sadly, the same mentality that allows for abortion (you’re less than human, so I can do what I want to you) also drives the behavior of bullies (your opinion makes you a lesser human, so I can abuse you). Pro-choice bullies aren’t out to change hearts and minds to support abortion; they’re out to threaten and intimidate. We’re going to stick with the changing hearts and minds though. May the best side win.

If you’re so inclined, send SLU Students for Life (the actual account) some kind words. The Pro-Life Generation has each other’s backs.

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