Students for Life Leader Sues College over Vaccine Mandate

Brenna Lewis - 13 Sep 2021


Students at Creighton University, a Jesuit Catholic school in Omaha, Nebraska, have taken legal action against the school over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. According to local coverage:

The Creighton student named as a plaintiff in the suit is president of Creighton’s pro-life group, Students for Life, Lauren Ramaekers said she is opposed to taking the vaccine because of the use of abortion-derived fetal cells in the research and development of the vaccines.

Thus, the legal action alleges that the mandate is a violation of religious freedom. A filed affadavit from Ramaekers also noted, “the use of fetal tissue, fetal cells, or any ‘product’ of abortion in the development and/or testing of a vaccine or any other medical treatment, is abhorrent to me. This is a sincerely held religious belief, which impacts my moral and ethical views of the world.”

Creighton appears to be the only school in its conference that is not allowing any exemptions whatsoever from the mandate.

The school, as of the time of writing, has not commented on the lawsuit from its students. At a time when the conscience rights of many students are threatened, the outcome of cases like this are very important. The freedom of future students to make choices about their actual bodies, like whether to inject a vaccine into them or not, depends on it.

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