New Students for Life Display Uses Virtual Reality to Humanize Preborn Babies

Sarah Michalak - 13 Sep 2021


Abortion has many victims. Often their stories go untold, their pain is ignored, and their existence is overlooked. The victims of abortion deserve to be seen and their stories need to be heard. Abortion harms preborn humans, women, families, people with disabilities, men, lower income families, people of color, student athletes, underage girls, and more. We know that abortion disproportionately affects vulnerable groups, and this unjust violence needs to be highlighted.


To learn more about our tour, check the See Me Now website. 

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This fall, Students for Life of America is bringing their faces and stories to campuses across the country with our See Me Now Fall Tour.  

The Supreme Court will be ruling on a case called Dobbs v. Jackson this December. This case out of Mississippi directly challenges Roe v. Wade (which is a very big deal). The See Me Now Fall Tour will help save lives and prepare hearts and minds on the violence of abortion prior to this ruling. 

This display demonstrates the violence of abortion by showing that each abortion method either starves, suctions, dismembers, or poisons preborn human beings. The Mississippi law, if upheld, would ban abortions after 15 weeks, when babies may feel pain. At 15 weeks gestation, preborn humans are dismembered in the womb. This tour is inviting students on college campuses to see the reality of abortion violence and the victims who are destroyed by it.  


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In addition, this tour discusses the ways women are harmed by abortion. The abortion industry thrives on the lie that women in need abortion for their empowerment and their future. No woman should have to end the life of her child and endure emotional, physical, and psychological harm to succeed. With this tour, we will bring the stories of women with abortion experiences and authentic loving resources to support women in need.

Our tour will bring necessary resources such as our Standing With You initiative which supports women in unplanned pregnancies and protects the rights of pregnant and parenting students. 

This fall, we will be taking our See Me Now Fall Tour to over 160 campuses across 40 states. This tour is unlike any other tour we have taken to campuses before. It includes…

  • a mural with the faces of abortion victims,
  • two panels that discuss the violence of abortion and its effects,
  • a storybook that tells the stories of abortion victims,
  • a virtual reality video that demonstrates fetal development and a dismemberment abortion,
  • and information cards and buttons to share.

The virtual reality component will also entail Google giveaways and voting on which abortion procedures are unacceptable. This tour is cutting-edge and it will get the attention of students on campus. It will help us have loving conversations that can save lives, change hearts and minds for life, and push the dial on ending the culture of death on our campuses.  


To learn more about our tour, check the See Me Now website. 

To bring this amazing tour to your campus, please sign up to host here.

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