It Would Take 163 Arlington Cemeteries to Hold Every Baby Killed by Abortion Since Roe v. Wade

Brenna Lewis - 29 Jul 2021

For those who have been to Arlington Cemetery, you know the rich history of the place. Indeed, the tombs of Kennedy and Taft are simply at the top of a very long list of notable Americans who rest among its fields. And you know the immensity of the place—the identical stone graves that seem to stretch for miles on every side. As I walked along the paths and through the different sections, I found myself wondering just how many graves there were and thinking to myself that surely the number must be in the millions. I immediately looked it up and found the actual number to be 400,000.

I read that number and suddenly stopped in my tracks. More than twice that many babies die to abortion violence in just one single year in our country. Two massive Arlington Cemeteries would be needed to contain the number of babies killed by abortion in just one year in America. That realization was sobering.

I began to think of how much land it would take to hold the tombs of not only the 1 million babies killed every year by abortion, but of ALL the babies aborted since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion on demand in 1973. Over 65 million tombs. The space needed to house 400,000 already seemed like miles.

I made my way to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and as the Changing of the Guard ceremony took place, I quietly read the inscription on the tomb:


I stood motionless and thought about those words and that life and that sacrifice, and all of it only intensified my thoughts of the preborn babies never given the chance to take their first breaths. For every single one of them is like the unknown soldier: a deeply precious life known only to God and dead at the hands of another.

As we moved on from the cemetery and made our way over from the WWII to the Lincoln Memorial, the first thing I noticed was that, at the base of the steps stood a man holding two pro-life signs. Amidst a sea of people there he stood, all alone, and I immediately wanted to walk over and thank him.

His name was Jonathan and though he stood silently praying, he willingly and kindly spoke to all who, like myself, would stop to question him as they passed.

As we talked, I felt a great joy in being able to be there to encourage and thank him. I kept thinking to myself how lucky and blessed I was to be there on that day of all days at the exact same time as Jonathan.

How strange that we were standing at the foot of good ol’ Abe of all places! For it was he who worked with the abolitionists to defeat the evil of slavery and to outlaw it in our country. I believe this, too, was no coincidence, but was part of God’s divine plan to give me and Jonathan and all who read this the courage and conviction to keep on fighting to defend the lives of our most innocent and precious babies in the womb and to not rest until we see abortion in America not only abolished but unthinkable.

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