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BuzzFeed Posts Surprisingly Honest Article About “Abortion Grief”

Brenna Lewis - 29 Jul 2021


In major news, BuzzFeed posted an article called “People Who Have Had Abortions They Don’t Regret Are Discussing The ‘Forbidden Grief’ They Feel, And Their Stories Are Important.” As a huge liberal outlet, it is actually shocking that BuzzFeed would address the reality of abortion’s negative effects instead of siding whole-heartedly with the “Shout Your Abortion” crowd.

Read more about post-abortion grief here.

On a purely human level, the article is simply sad. It highlights a TikToker, Kaylyn Weston, whose viral abortion reflection video has garnered close to 1 million views. From the piece…

Because we are a grassroots organization always having on-the-ground conversations, Students for Life has found this position to be very common among young people. It’s a sort of “choosing the middle” mentality towards abortion. On the one hand, they don’t want to condemn it for fear of peer judgement and due to an epidemic of moral relativism. On the other, they think it should be difficult and that you should feel sad if you have one.

The comments on the video are just as tragic. One says, “It’s been 7 years since mine… I still carry the ultrasound in my wallet.” Another reads, “Took me 10 years and every now and then, I see a kid that would have been the same age and a ping of sadness overwhelms me.”

Rabid abortion supporters should indeed feel very bad that their insistence on “shouting your abortion” and parading it around as great is really hurting post-abortive women who feel like they aren’t allowed to grieve. Uncharitable pro-lifers should feel bad, too, if they only have negativity to offer to women considering abortion (or who have already had one).

Thankfully, our culture is changing. We challenge anyone, whether they’ve had an abortion or not, to find a single instance on the Students for Life website or any of our materials in which we are anything but charitable. The Pro-Life Generation is unequivocally, uncompromisingly pro-woman. And we’re committed to invoking that change in society as a whole.

Kudos to BuzzFeed for (somewhat) not sugarcoating the reality of abortion this one time. But they still have a LONG way to go. After a nice long article about abortion grief and heart-wrenching screenshots of post-abortive comments, the author concluded by referring readers to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion. Sigh.

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