Taking The Pulse of the Pro-Life Movement 

Autumn Doersching - 27 Apr 2021

Blog by Lauren Enriquez, Student for Life’s Deputy Media Strategist. 

What’s the state of the Pro-Life Generation, and should we continue working to abolish abortion despite a hostile Administration and mediate climate? Students for Life says YES — and here’s why. 

What challenges are the pro-life community facing? 

The pro-life movement is contending with the most pro-abortion presidential Administration in US history. Despite identifying as a Catholic, Biden has engaged in overtly pro-abortion acts, such as the confirmation of abortion extremist Xavier Becerra to the helm of HHS and signing a Covid relief package without Hyde Amendment protections (a decades-old bipartisan provision barring taxpayer funding for most abortions). Additionally, Biden supports less-obvious threats to pro-life progress, like gutting the filibuster — which is one of the only checks currently standing between the American people and the out of touch pro-abortion Democrat agenda. Despite the regress at a federal level, there is great cause for hope at the state, local, and judicial levels. 

Why should the Pro-Life Generation continue to hope for success? 

The pro-life movement’s momentum is at the state and local levels, where grassroots activism and legislative progress are thriving. Students for Life Action is on the ground in numerous states advocating for effective pro-life bills that will rescue children and assist families, and we are activating students and activists of all ages to lobby, door-knock, and demonstrate across the country as we move closer to reversing Roe v. Wade. It is discouraging to have an abortion activist in the White House, but the pro-life movement’s grassroots momentum is a force to be reckoned with. 

How can Christians practically be involved in abolishing abortion? 

Christians have to engage in a big way for the pro-life movement to solidify its victory over abortion, because nearly one in two abortions is obtained by churchgoing women — the women sitting next to us in the pews on Sunday. Specifically, speaking openly about the pro-life perspective on abortion is needed within many Christian communities. For example, research by Students for Life of America found that only 41% of Mainline Protestant Pastors reported talking about abortion in the past year. Our fellow churchgoers — and the broader culture — need to hear from us and be encouraged by the hope of the pro-life message. 

What are the stats on how young people currently view abortion? 

Students for Life of America just conducted research in January, 2021, on the views of Millennial and Gen Z voters on abortion which strongly contradicted the pop culture narrative that these generations are uniquely pro-abortion. In fact, we found that:  

  • Almost 7 out of 10 Millennials and Gen Z want to VOTE on abortion-related policy. 
  • More than 7 out of 10 expressed support for limits on abortion.  
  • Almost 5 in 10 do not support forcing all Americans, regardless of their beliefs, to pay for abortions. Fewer supported that coercion.  
  • Looking at the big picture of Supreme Court-legalized abortion, almost 6 out of 10 oppose Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton when they learn they allows for abortion through all 9 months. 
  • Educating this generation on Roe pays off. The number of respondents opposing Roe and Doe nearly doubled after learning more about what the law allows.
  • MORE Millennials and Gen Z directly supported reversing Roe and sending abortion policy to the states and voters than opposed it.  
  • Less than 2 out of 10 want unlimited abortion through all 9 months, which Roe allows. Heartbeat bills have support. Almost HALF supported banning abortion after a heartbeat detected (usually at 3 weeks) – 47% to 38%. 6 out of 10 believe doctors should check for a heartbeat before performing or offering an abortion. 

Despite the discouraging climate of pop culture, the Pro-Life Generation is succeeding. We are mobilizing the grassroots, changing hearts and minds, providing real resources to families, and exposing the predation of the abortion industry. Now is not the time to take our foot off the gas, but to solidify our victory over abortion by pushing forward with boldness and conviction. The Future Is Anti-Abortion!  

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