We Attended One of Planned Parenthood’s Virtual Meetings

Brenna Lewis - 31 Mar 2021


Planned Parenthood is up to something shifty, 24/7. We are well-versed in their operating model (lie to women, sell them abortions, send them on their way) as well as their legal strategies (club Americans over the head with abortion using the legal system). But it’s still useful to sit in on Planned Parenthood’s internal activities when possible. This week, three members of Students for Life’s staff attended a virtual session with a Planned Parenthood employee. Lea Kalinowski, SFLA’s Northern California Regional Coordinator, shared about the experience:

“On March 30, 2021, I attended an online presentation called “Planned Parenthood – All About Abortion” which was led by Molly, who works for Planned Parenthood. The purpose of the event was to ‘destigmatize abortion.’ Molly consistently parroted the abortion industry’s line, “Abortion is Healthcare,” and briefly spoke on what abortion is. She spoke about what terms and phrases not to use in conversations, and one horrifying thing she mentioned was that abortion stories should be basically be glorified. She also urged people to take action in the political realm.

I had also invited another member of SFLA, Felipe, to the meeting, and he attended and posed as a pro-choice person to probe Molly with questions to make people think. When asked how to respond to the racist history of Planned Parenthood, Molly answered, “By realizing when we f***ed up, and trying to do better.” He also posed the question, “My school has a Students for Life club, which is anti-choice students doing activism on campus. How can I counter that?” Molly’s answer was, “By running a [sex ed] program for high schoolers.” (more info on this program mentioned: Teen Council | Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands)”

Sometimes, people ask us why we focus our efforts so heavily on Planned Parenthood. The answer is simple: they are the nation’s biggest abortion vendor. They commit about 1/3 of American abortions every year, and they are an extremely wealthy and well-connected propaganda machine. That is the simple answer… which, incidentally, leaves out decades of scandal, investigation, and harm to women.

Learn more about Planned Parenthood here.

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