Yet Another Abusive Man Slips Pregnant Girlfriend Abortion Pills without Consent

Brenna Lewis - 05 Mar 2021


In Japan, an investigation is underway after 21-year-old Jin Mimae allegedly snuck his 18-year-old girlfriend two separate doses of Mifepristone, the first of the two-drug chemical abortion regimen. This drug kills the preborn child by blocking progesterone, a necessary pregnancy hormone. The child’s mother was about 5 weeks along and, unsurprisingly, became sick after being unknowingly drugged. The abortion attempt succeeded in October 2020.

Tokyo Reporter wrote:

Upon his arrest on suspicion of attempted abortion without consent on February 22, Mimae admitted to the allegations. “I didn’t want to marry her,” the suspect was quoted by police. “Because of the current economic conditions, I did not want to raise a child.” He was sent to prosecutors two days later.

Online Abortion Pill Sales Hurt Women

Mimae confessed to buying the Mifepristone, which is not legal in Japan, online. This is not the first case, in Japan or any other country, of an abusive man taking advantage of a woman and ending the life of her child without her knowledge. A Wisconsin man was accused of slipping abortion drugs in his pregnant girlfriend’s drink in March 2020. An ex-Trump campaign staffer allegedly did the same in his girlfriend’s drink in September 2018. And a doctor in D.C. allegedly spiked his ex-girlfriend’s drink with the same drug in May 2018; he got 3 years in prison. The stories are plentiful.

Coerced abortion is illegal. No mother, regardless of her situation, should feel pressured or even threatened to abort her child. It’s one thing for a man to forcibly take a woman to an abortion facility to undergo a surgical abortion; all chemical abortion (and its online sale) does is make it easier for abusive men to kill their preborn children against the mother’s wishes. Abortion is profoundly anti-woman, and this is just another example.

Yet pro-abortion lawmakers and organizations are presently pouring money into removing regulations on chemical abortion and increasing their online distribution. Xavier Becerra, Joe Biden’s nomination to head HHS, is himself a supporter of this agenda (and why not, given that he’s an attorney and not a doctor). Chemical abortion hurts women. And we have to keep fighting it, especially because it is truly the new frontier for the abortion industry. Visit to learn more.

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