Blackburn Bill Aims to Help End Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Jessica Nardi - 23 Feb 2021


Planned Parenthood is a master of the loophole when it comes to receiving federal funding, and never gives up on searching for new ways to swallow taxpayer dollars to continue their gruesome work. Thankfully, a new bill put forth by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) aims to end the sort of fishing for federal funding that America’s abortion giant basically considers a second hobby.  

The “Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act” will eliminate the loopholes Planned Parenthood uses and will prevent them from garnering federal funding provided by taxpayers. This ensures that if Planned Parenthood wants to continue its horrific killing of America’s most vulnerable for profit, it won’t be on our dime. 

In the official press release for the bill, SFLA’s president Kristan Hawkins explained the loopholes Planned Parenthood has used to manipulate the system for money. “The abortion industry has used the Title X family planning program as a marketing slush fund,” said Hawkins, “paid for by taxpayers to build a client base for abortion.”

The new bill would prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from giving the family planning grant to abortion giants like Planned Parenthood, as well as require HHS to report annually the entities the grants were funded to.  As the press release states, the legislation, “(s)trips abortion giant Planned Parenthood and other Title X clinics of taxpayer funding that ought to go to comprehensive healthcare alternatives instead.”

And the stats are in. According to a recent poll by Students for Life of America’s Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, 48% of millennial and Gen Z Americans don’t want their tax dollars going to U.S abortions, and 53% don’t want funding for abortions overseas. Additionally, the 2021 Marist poll similarly shows that more than half (58%) of Americans are against taxpayer funded abortions, with 77% opposing the international funding of abortion.  

“Legislators should refrain from this kind of extremists’ overreach in abortion policy as the only groups pushing for it just want to get paid to end life.” Hawkins continued.  “Let’s be clear: If your ‘healthcare’ kills people on purpose, you’re doing it wrong.”

Dishonesty — and for the inhuman purposes of committing abortions no less — should not be awarded the hard earned money of the American people.  Families are built and nurtured, not destroyed. Like Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric that they are supporting women and parents, any legislation and pressure to convince people that supporting women’s health is supporting abortion is misleading them from the real issues. 

Polls like the ones mentioned above, show that many Americans would support abortion restrictions and many pro-life policies but they don’t even realize what being pro-life means. And it simply means standing up for the most vulnerable in our society and never making a woman feel that she has to choose between her career, education or social standings and the life of her child. Pro-life is to love and support them both.

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