Notorious Pro-Abortion Bully Announces Bid for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

Brenna Lewis - 16 Feb 2021


Publicly outed bully Rep. Brian Sims of Pennsylvania has just announced his plans to run for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Students for Life has a history with Mr. Sims, as he harassed and called for the doxxing of pro-life high school girls who were witnessing outside of a Planned Parenthood in May of 2019. Students for Life reported at the time:

Brian Sims is a Democratic Representative in Pennsylvania’s 182nd district. One of his activism hobbies is apparently venturing out to Planned Parenthood and yelling at women who are there to peacefully demonstrate. Everyone’s blowing up about this week’s self-captured video of Sims berating an older woman, but he’s actually a veteran of harassing pro-life women.

Just a few weeks ago, Sims had nothing better to do so he strolled on down to the Planned Parenthood to berate teenage girls – who are in fact Students for Life members at a nearby high school. We take it a little personally when grown men (lawmakers, no less) harass our students. He attempted to dox them, offering $100 to anyone who could identify them (below).

Despite a history of this behavior, Sims had the nerve to utter this line in a campaign video posted Monday: “We need adults in the room, and I want to bring bold visionary leadership based on lived experience and shared values to the Commonwealth.” If this is the kind of adult he thinks is needed in the room, we’re not interested. This is the kind of person you want to have less power – not more.


A few days after Sims’s harassment of the pro-life girls, Students for Life and other pro-life organizations hosted a rally against the hatred and called for his resignation from office. HUNDREDS of people turned out, unified with the message that bullying from lawmakers is unacceptable. Below, watch SFLA’s Tina Whittington speak at the rally in Philadelphia.


On campuses nationwide, pro-life students are facing unprecedented levels of harassment and cyberbullying from abortion-supporting peers. The fact that young people are witnessing abusive behavior from celebrities and politicians who are passing it off as acceptable is no doubt contributing to this trend. We cannot allow any candidate guilty of harassment to slip through without recompense. Sims’s constituents (and all of Pennsylvania) deserves to know the truth.

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