Even Without In-Person Demonstrations, LIFE is Still Winning

Caroline Wharton - 02 Feb 2021


I stand for Life because I see the hurt and pain that is caused by abortion. Abortion increases the risk of breast cancer by 50% in women whose first pregnancy ends in abortion. A study by Americans United for Life “found that women whose first pregnancies ended in abortion were 65 percent more likely to score in the ‘high risk’ range for clinical depression. Women who face an unplanned pregnancy are often overwhelmed. It is the job of the community around her to empower her to show that she is strong. It is defeatist and misogynist message to tell women that they can’t handle a family and their career. Instead of undermining women’s abilities and their natural strengths, we should be helping women through their pregnancy and after. 

The National Pro-Life March is the biggest human rights activism display in the world. It is a declaration to the world that every human life has inherent value. It is more pressing than ever that we march because of the new pro-abortion Administration. We need to make a stand to show the world and our new Administration that America stands for Life 

The March also brings attention to all of the resources that the pro-life movement provides through Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs). The Charlotte Lozier Institute conducted a study in 2019 that showed an estimated 1.85 million people received services from PRCs. The estimated value of both the free services and free items provided was $266 million dollars. The pro-life movement not only says that preborn lives have value, but they back up what they say by supporting, running, donating, and volunteering at 2,500 PRCs and 450 maternity homes. Furthermore, PRCs “have grown [nationally] from about 2,000 in 2010 to more than 2,500 in 2018,” providing support for expecting mothers and mothers after they have had their child.  

In 1973, the U.S. government made a tragic statement to the world when ruling in favor of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, that it did not value preborn human lives. However, under the Trump Administration, a new message of life was spokenOOctober 30, 2020 , I was able to watch the signing of the Geneva Consensus Declaration. This global consensus was signed by 31 countries, declaring to the world that human life is valuable and that every person deserves the right to live.

The United States sponsored the consensus, and the co-sponsors were Brazil, Egypt, Hungry, Indonesia, and Uganda. Each of these co-sponsors are countries from different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. However, the one thing that they agree upon is that there is an intrinsic value of life that begins at conception. Poland, one of the countries that signed the Declaration, has the tightest restrictions on abortion in the EU. They only allow abortion in “cases of rape or incest, or if the life of the woman is endangered”The world is saying that preborn lives have intrinsic value, therefore, we should march to show the world that we agree. 

Over the year 202013 states passed successful pro-life lawswith South Dakota, Florida, and Louisiana being prominent examples. South Dakota joined four other states in only having one abortion facility left in their state, as a result of strict restrictions on abortion violence (Abortion Care Network, 2020)This shows that voters are seeing the need to put restrictions on abortion. Furthermore, a 2019 poll by Hill-HarrisX found that 55% of registered voters agree with bans on abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. 

Yet, ten states in the United States allow abortion up to birth. The National Pro-Life March is a demonstration to the world that Americans are championing life and want to put restrictions on abortion. Our country is not as pro-choice as many people think, and many states are already on board with pro-life legislation. 

The most basic human right that all mankind has is the right to life, and it’s made clear in the Declaration of Independence. That right applies to all humans, no matter their size, level of development, environment, or degree of dependency. It is the job of every human to defend the innocent and to be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. The National Pro-Life March is an amplifier for that voice, and it is imperative that we continue the tradition.

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