Twitter Launches New Witch-Hunt Forum Called “Birdwatch”

Brenna Lewis - 28 Jan 2021


In their never-ending quest for world domination (including total control over the speech of Americans), Twitter has launched a new forum called “Birdwatch.” This new project appears to be heir latest attempt to make sure only certain tweets are allowed. As Texas Senator Ted Cruz put it, “Big Tech is designating itself to be the sole arbiter of truth.”

The angle of this new forum is that it is “crowd-sourced fact-checking.” According to Twitter, “Birdwatch allows people to identify information in Tweets they believe is misleading and write notes that provide informative context.” Though, despite Twitter’s insistence that these contributors will be diverse (including politically), we’ll believe it when we see it. We heard the same story from Facebook… who then proceeded to only contract left-leaning fact-checkers.

Because these companies have been proven time and time again to be censoring conservative messages, shadow-banning organizations & individuals they don’t like, and otherwise silencing groups like ours…

… we have to be prepared to be banned ourselves.

We can no longer trust that we will be allowed a voice in the future. This is why Students for Life is setting up accounts on as many of the new alternative platforms as we can. In the days to come, here are other ways to find us…

  • Follow us on Parler @studentsforlife
  • Receive texts by texting ‘LIFE’ to (218) 400-5433
  • Get email alerts from Students for Life Action
  • Follow us on MeWe here


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