Pro-Life Med & Law Students: Apply for a Campus Speaker!

Mary Briganti - 31 Dec 2020


This fall semester, amid COVID-19 restrictions and limitations, Students of Life of America (SFLA) was still able to successfully put on the Med and Law Speaking Tour with over 130 students in attendanceThe focus of the tour is to spotlight the horrific impact of Chemical Abortion Pills, along with various topics covered by medical and legal professionals who have expertise in the pro-life movement.  

Applications are still open for the 2020-2021 school year. Apply today! 

Speakers from this fall included Madeline Moreira, Paige Jackson, Dr. Marguerite Duane, Elissa Graves, Denise Harle, and Dr. Christina Francis. They covered the following topics: 

  • What is Chemical Abortion? 
  • The Legal Case Against Chemical Abortion 
  • Rehumanizing the Black Body/Black Maternal Health 
  • Abortion and the Supreme Court: June Medical Services v. Russo 
  • The Female Cycle as the 5th Vital Sign 

Recently, abortion supporters have pushed to make the chemical abortion pill more accessible across the country. The chemical abortion pill has significant complication risks, including (but not limited to) infections, vomiting, fainting, hemorrhage, diarrhea, dizziness, future infertility, and death. The FDA has noted that once a woman has taken the chemical abortion pill, it is expected that she has excessive vaginal bleeding along with other symptoms.  

Educating med and law students who are part of the Pro-Life Generation on the dangers of the chemical abortion pill comes at a unique time in history. President-elect Biden is wanting to appoint Xavier Becerra as the Health and Human Services Secretary, a known advocate for the chemical abortion pill and pro-abortion crusader.  

It is imperative that med and law students have opportunities to hear from professionals in their fields with first-hand experiences to better equip the students to be the most knowledgeable towards pro-life stances that will directly impact their future careers 

Marielle, the president of Students for Life at Dell Medical School, noted how inspired she was by a medical speaker on this tour:  

“I appreciated Paige’s openness about her approach to women’s care as one of meeting people where they are and just supporting them… I loved how the Abide birth center gives material support to mothers. What if our clinic networks were able to materially support new parents so that they felt they could keep their babies and really support them? That was so inspiring.” 

Other schools that hosted this fall were Marquette School of Law, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, William and Mary Law, Emory Medical, Baylor College of Medicine, McGovern Medical School, and University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. The Med and Law Speaker Tour is continuing through the spring semester, and applications are still being accepted 

If you are wanting to host a speaker for tour this spring, you can access the application here.

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