Eight Pro-Life Students Had 260 Conversations about Abortion This Year

Mary Briganti - 31 Dec 2020


Students for Life has a special group of students called The Effective Education Pillar Team. And they have been instrumental in changing the hearts and minds of pro-choice peers, despite the unique limitations COVID-19 restrictions have brought to college campuses. Many of our students’ pro-life events have been digital; however, that has not stopped this team from being able to effectively advocate for the preborn.

The Effective Education Pillar Team was still able to have 260 heart and mind changing conversations this fall semester!   

As part of Students for Life of America’s mission to end abortion, we focus on changing hearts and minds through our Effective Education Pillar Team. The team consists of 8 students who are being trained and equipped to have effective discussions about abortion on their college campusesThey are trained by expert pro-life advocates and they stay up-to-date on all pro-abortion arguments in order to be as successful as possible.  Not every conversation ended in a mind completely changed, but seeds were planted and pro-choice students were challenged to defend and reconsider their support of abortion. 

Applications for the 2021-2022 Effective Education Pillar Team open March 1st. For more information on SFLA Pillar Teams, click here! 

The Effective Education Pillar Team has been focusing on brainstorming new ideas for engaging with students on campus and online while working to complete Effective Education projects such as digital event-in-a-boxes, pro-life trivia nights, and recruitment events.  

Sandra from Washington State was even able to give a presentation to her entire school on the Pro-Life Movement! Below is a picture from her presentation: 

One of the Effective Education Pillar Team members, Mackenzie from North Carolina, had a conversation that changed someone’s mind and encouraged them to vote pro-life in elections. 

“My most effective conversation would have probably been talking to a voter who didn’t know what abortion really was, and how it affects a baby and the mother. It changed his views on abortion and he is now pro-life.”

Jamie Scherdin from Winona State said: 

“I had a conversation online and the girl basically couldn’t understand why I wanted to take away women’s rights.’ I explained to her how abortion is not a woman’s right and then I explained to her how the unborn was a separate unique human being. It ended well where she understood what I was talking about and saw them as separate. 

Getting educated about abortion and the accompanying philosophical arguments is instrumental in fostering discussions that will go on to change hearts and minds. Check out more videos and training resources on Students For Life HQ that will help you to become more informed and equipped for discussions with abortion supporters and those who have yet to actively join the pro-life movement!  

If you are wanting to further your involvement by applying to be part of the Effective Education Pillar Team, click here for more information on the applications opening in March 

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