Hip Hop Artist Lil Nas X Tells Random Instagram Commenter to Abort Baby

Brenna Lewis - 14 Dec 2020


Lil Nas X (famous for 2019 hit “Old Town Road”) was evidently bored this week and prompted his Instagram followers to ask him random questions that he answered on his story. One commenter said, “I think I’m pregnant…” Lil Nas’s response? Congratulations! Get rid of it. 

Lil Nas isn’t a moral compass by any means. He recently did a filthy Christmas rap on ‘The Tonight Show,’ has a risque Twitter feed, and on and on.

It seems like his place in pop culture (as a gay musician, at that) has made him feel like this is an acceptable or even humorous response to a stranger who may be facing a major crossroads in her life. It’s a shame that this is what passes as pop culture and feminism right now. If this was a real cry for help, this poor woman just got told her child, her safety, and her well-being doesn’t matter by a public figure. Women deserve support and options, and Lil Nas X needs a vibe check.

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