British Abortion Vendor Renounces Namesake. Planned Parenthood Should Be Next

Brenna Lewis - 20 Nov 2020


Many trends seem to start in Europe and make their way over to the United States. Let’s hope “abortion vendor renounces eugenicist founder” is one of them. Earlier this week, an international abortion vendor called Marie Stopes International changed their name to the more mysterious and vague “MSI Reproductive Choices.” A step towards abortion… but away from the name Marie Stopes. Why?

Stopes was an early advocate of contraception in Britain and a major player in the eugenics movement in the early 20th century. Now, where have we seen that before…? Ah yes, in our own great nation where Margaret Sanger, an advocate of contraception in America and a major player in the eugenics movement in the 1930s, founded a little endeavor called Planned Parenthood.

By all accounts, Stopes and Sanger are of the same mold. They wanted to use birth control for “selective reproduction” and weed out “unfit” races and individuals. They even look a bit alike, which is spooky.

Marie Stopes

Margaret Sanger

Interestingly, this global abortion conglomerate came out fairly strong against their namesake (it took over a century, but whatever). Yet our own Planned Parenthood has only taken baby lives, oops steps, to distance themselves from Sanger. They took her name off their New York abortion facility… and that’s basically it.

According to MSI’s annual report for 2019, the group “provided more than 4.6 million safe abortion and post-abortion care services to women and girls” around the world, mostly in impoverished areas. Planned Parenthood committed over 300,000 in the same year… also, mostly in impoverished areas. Whether both abortion businesses renounce their nasty founders or not, they’re still dutifully carrying out the work of eliminating the poor and the vulnerable.

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