California Student Faces Harassment for Starting Students for Life Group

Brenna Lewis - 06 Nov 2020


Instances of online harassment towards Students for Life groups have absolutely skyrocketed recently. It’s not like it wasn’t happening in years past; but our team at Students for Life is now receiving reports of internet hostility almost daily. Today’s comes from a public high school in California where Faith Rodriguez leads a brand-new Students for Life group.

Immediately after starting the group, an unknown peer created an Instagram account specifically to oppose them.


Their first post? Simply the Students for Life group’s mission statement crossed out.



The second post was more of an attempt to discuss some differences. The irony about this one though is that the poster calls out Students for Life for not explaining themselves… while making no effort to seek them out and have a conversation. The creator of the pro-choice account has a lot of things wrong, based on these two screenshots:

  1. They note they want to “abolish the pro-life club,” meaning they believe people with opposing beliefs should not be allowed to speak.
  2. They suggest that the pro-life group is founded on the phrase “abortion is murder,” which does not seem to appear in any of their founding materials. So the pro-choice account must be operating under an assumed stereotype.
  3. Their conclusion that embryos/fetuses are not human beings is not biologically accurate.

Our ability to live independently does not change our DNA; pre-viability, our DNA is just as human as it is after birth. This article doesn’t necessarily set out to teach a Biology 101 class; there are a lot of good resources to learn more about the relationship between mother and child and the biological reality of gestating mammals.

Students for Life has a good collection of Abortion Information and Pro-Life Apologetics.

Faith Rodriguez, who leads the Students for Life group, reflected on her high school’s hostility towards the new pro-life group. At her school, Culver High School, the more than 3,500 student population consistently makes snide comments towards anyone affiliated with the group. Faith shared that even her friends have ‘trash talked’ in her presence.

But Faith remains undeterred. She and the others involved with this new Students for Life group know how important it is to share the message that abortion betrays women with a core message of, “You can’t do this.” Without a pro-life voice, the reality of abortion would stay hidden – which is what the abortion industry relies on.

Faith concluded, “Being indifferent to a situation won’t make it disappear. We must take action and stand up for what is right!”

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