So, What Did We Learn from the Vice Presidential Debate?

Brenna Lewis - 08 Oct 2020


Last night was the first Vice Presidential debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. For anyone who was able to ignore the attention-hungry fly that took up residence on Pence’s head for a few minutes, they actually enjoyed a fairly civil and productive conversation between these very different politicians. There was still moderator bias from Susan Page as she softballed anti-Trump questions and rolled over anytime Kamala demanded more time. But overall, a welcome improvement from the presidential debate.

The Defining Moment (for us) Fell a Little Flat

This was a debate between a man who has fought for pro-life values his whole career and a woman who used her power to carry out an armed raid on a pro-life journalist’s home at the behest of Planned Parenthood. A man who wants to see abortion illegal and a woman who supports zero limits and voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act twice. If the moderator didn’t ask a question about abortion, a lot of people should’ve had their press passes revoked.

Thank goodness moderator Susan Page did bring it up. But we’ll be honest – we wanted more out of their answers. It was excellent that Mike Pence said he was unapologetically pro-life and is grateful for the Trump Administration’s regard for the sanctity of human life. (watch below)

VP Pence: I’m Pro-Life, And I Don’t Apologize For It

Thank you, Vice President Pence, for your leadership! No one should ever apologize for being pro-life.

Posted by Students for Life of America on Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Vice President offered a lot more on his position than Kamala Harris, who spouted a few classic lines about supporting “choice” and a “woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body.” Both of which are old, tired abortion talking points that are, by nature, anti-science and allow the user to sidestep the scary word: abortion.

In our perfect debate, Senator Harris would’ve been forced to admit her radical views on abortion. Plus, her close ties with Planned Parenthood, every extreme pro-choice vote she’s cast as senator, and the implications of supporting zero abortion limits. Not to mention her stated goal to codify Roe v. Wade and make it so states CANNOT pass any abortion restrictions themselves. People who support late-term abortion should have to explain how it’s acceptable to kill babies this age (and older):

For Crying Out Loud – What about Packing the Court?

Can we get a round of applause for Mike Pence and his hilarious tongue-in-cheek prodding of Harris about intentions to pack the Supreme Court? Joe Biden has been dodging this question left and right, and it seems Harris is under the same instructions. When asked about court packing last night, she instead launched into a bizarre tirade about Abraham Lincoln. At this point – the question answers itself.

A Biden-Harris Administration would have no problem with packing the Supreme Court. In simplest terms, this means adding Supreme Court Justices in order to obtain favorable rulings on things the current administration supports. In the words of SFLA President Kristan Hawkins, it would mean “the end of the American experiment.”

Kamala Harris is NOT DENYING that a Biden-Harris administration will pack the Supreme Court!!!

That will mark the end of the American experiment as we know it.

#voteprolifefirst #VPDebate

Posted by Kristan Mercer Hawkins on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Final Thoughts

Obviously, abortion is our mission and number-one priority. So it’s very worth mentioning that voting pro-life first in this election (whether you like the pro-life candidate personally or not) is critically important. A loss of the executive branch would be devastating for pro-life progress made, possibly even as expansive as the last few decades. Kamala Harris has shown throughout her career that she has NO qualms about abusing power – and there’s no reason to expect any different if she makes it to the White House.

Abortion aside for a moment… c’mon, folks. Could she have been any nastier? Any more condescending, to both the Vice President and the American people? The smarmy way she addresses nearly everyone is what caused her campaign to go up in flames as a presidential nominee. We’re willing to bet a healthy percentage of people who watched the debate had a nightmare or two featuring something resembling this:


Women don’t have to sell out, be horrible, and do anything they can to get to the top. We believe women (*cough* Amy Coney Barrett) can embrace common decency and their values and still achieve anything they want. A corrupt, mean, pro-abortion politician isn’t the role model young women need. And hopefully that was apparent to all.

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