Mizzou Students Chalk Life-Affirming Messages Around Their Campus

Brenna Lewis - 16 Sep 2020


The Pro-Life Generation knows that abortion doesn’t stop for a pandemic. COVID or no COVID, women are still finding themselves in unplanned pregnancies and in need of actual hope and support. The abortion industry knows this, and is still preying just as heavily on college-aged mothers.

Thankfully, Students for Life leaders are already active this semester! At Mizzou, pro-life students (safely) chalked life-affirming messages on their campus in order to spread awareness about how abortion harms women.

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The Mizzou Students Shared:

“As students on campus, we are passionate about protecting all innocent life, as well as offering women options outside of abortion. Every semester, our organization puts together a chalking event to spread awareness about the dangers of abortion. We strive to be the voice for innocent life that is destroyed every day.

Last night, pro-life students got together on campus at Mizzou and chalked about 25 pro-life slogans on sidewalks such as “black preborn lives matter, we speak for those who can’t, choose life, etc.” Chalking is the number one way for us, Mizzou Students for Life, to get our message out. We look forward to the day we see Planned Parenthood fully defunded and abortion completely abolished.

  • “My vision is that this organization would become such an effective pro-life presence at the University of Missouri that abortion would be unthinkable on our campus. ” – Simon Manring, Group President
  • “I’m passionate about the Prolife movement because I  believe that all people should have the right to life. I believe that all people have value – born and unborn. I joined this club to help create a culture of supporting women to choose life and not have to choose between their child and their career.” – Mary Baker, Group Vice President
  • “All life is beautiful, equal, and precious. I believe this with my whole heart, and when I see the most vulnerable humans in our society killed daily, I have to take a stand. Mizzou Students for Life has been a wonderful opportunity for me to speak for the unborn and to show women how we value and love them.” – Bethany Manring, Group Public Relations chair

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