TWO Babies Saved by Chatting with Mothers Online

Reagan Barklage - 10 Aug 2020


In a world that has gone almost entirely digital, Students for Life has taken our outreach online to reach abortion-minded women and provided them with resources, hope, and encouragement to choose life for their babies.Through our outreach, we have had 7 confirmed baby saves and over 200 women reached.  

A trend we stumble upon in these women’s stories is the blatant lie that abortion is a “woman’s choice.” So many of these women are not only pressured by their partner, but threatened. That was the case for one of the women I reached out to. Her husband told her if she didn’t have an abortion, he would leave her and her born daughter and  divorce her.

couldn’t imagine the pressure she was feeling. While other people commented how she needs to leave him because her marriage is over anyway, I knew that only added to her stress. So I took an empowering and positive perspective. I told her the choice was hers. No one else could make that decision for her, and she deserves so much better… and so do her daughter and new baby.

I told her to message me, and that I would love to talk to her more. She messaged me that day and said, “I told my husband that if I go to Planned Parenthood, he will be paying for an elective ultrasound because I won’t be going through with it.” I felt so much relief to know her baby was safe, and was even more thrilled to hear that her husband apologized and said he was  going to be there to support her.I replied telling her how proud I was of her, and told her to send me her registry link once it’s up, because I would love to help support her in this new chapter.  

Another woman I reached out to was being pressured by her boyfriend to have an abortion. He told her to have an abortion and they could try again in the future. If she decided to have the baby, she would be on her own. I reached out to her and acknowledged the tough situation she was in,  but that the decision was ultimately up to her. No one could pressure her to do what they preferred. I also told her there were so many resources and organizations that would be more than willing to support her during this time. She liked my comment, and replied on the thread later that she was going to keep the baby, and that she didn’t have a good reason for not having it besides the fact her boyfriend didn’t want it. 

The “pro-choice” movement is founded on lies. Abortion isn’t always a woman’s choice; it’s one made by those she trusts. Abortion is not empowerment. Abortion is a tool that manipulative men can take advantage of in order to use women. Women deserve better.  

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