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Five Ways You Can Help Pregnant Women In Need

SFLA Staff - 05 Aug 2020

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy may feel very overwhelmed and afraid. She may need support and someone to comfort her during this challenging experience. As pro-life people, we care deeply about reaching out to women in crisis to help them see they are not alone. The smallest action can have a great impact, and in the case of pro-life outreach, your efforts may even save lives.

You may be confused about how you can ensure pregnant women have access to the resources they need. Fortunately, there is no shortage of selfless acts you can perform to show women the compassion they deserve.

Volunteer at Your Local Pregnancy Center 

Pregnancy centers exist to offer courage and support to pregnant women, no matter their circumstances. There are over 2,000 of these life-affirming centers nationwide that help women choose life by providing them with free pregnancy consultations and practical services. If you can donate the gift of your time, pregnancy centers are always looking for people who volunteer their unique set of skills to help serve the community.

There is always something you can do to ensure these compassionate organizations can continue their work. Peer counselors, office staff, event coordinators, church liaisons, and trained ultrasound technicians are just some of the roles that pregnancy centers often need to be filled. Any way you can involve yourself in their pro-life work will go a long way toward helping pregnancy centers reach more clients.

Donate to Life-Affirming Causes 

There are numerous organizations, in addition to pregnancy centers, that are dedicated to offering aid to women during a difficult pregnancy. Consider donating to your nearest one, or search the national list at  You can also donate to Students for Life to help educate students about abortion or Students for Life Action to help elect pro-life leaders.

Start a Fundraiser

If you personally know someone who may feel challenged by an unexpected pregnancy, you may be wondering how you can help. On top of being there for her emotionally, you can take steps to ensure she has what she needs. You can start a GoFundMe page for her or open a registry on Amazon, where others can purchase necessary items for her. Your loved one may also be feeling very alone during this time. It might be nice to know she has people around her who care for her.

You may want to ask if you can throw her an online or in-person baby shower. Celebrating her and filling her with positive feelings are things that can make her feel good.

Educate Yourself as Much as You Can 

One of the best ways you can be there for someone in need is to learn as much as possible about the issue at hand. Read up on the resources available for pregnant women so you’ll be knowledgeable about what each organization is doing to assist women who may feel unprepared for a child. Or, take a course that will teach you how to communicate with others so you can have productive conversations.

Share Your Knowledge With Others 

Once you have equipped yourself with all of the information you need, you can share it with others. Post content related to pregnancy centers or pro-life grassroots organizations on your social media pages. Not only will this help spread the word about their valuable services, but you can take part in connecting someone to the help they need. Be willing to share in-person what you know about places that offer unexpected pregnancy support, and practice active listening skills.

You may just be able to be there for a woman who could use your support.

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