Planned Parenthood Launches Five-Figure Digital Ad Campaign for Joe Biden 

Jessica Nardi - 15 Jul 2020


Planned Parenthood is throwing in everything they can to get an abortion supporter in the White House this election year.  They recently launched a digital ad campaign for presidential candidate Joe Biden, reported by AXIOS as their biggest election effort yet and part of a $45 million investment before the election. In 2016, Hillary Clinton got a mere $30 million from the abortion giant. 

And, just to clarify what this generous helping hand entails:

  1. Planned Parenthood receives over $500 million in tax dollars per year for killing babies.
  2. They take your tax dollars (roughly 50% from pro-lifers) and use your money to get pro-abortion politicians elected.

The cycle of corruption is horrendous. The ad is sponsored by Planned Parenthood Votes, their political arm, and highlights how Biden is the candidate of choice for aligning with their radical practices of aborting children and indoctrinating women.  

The ad contains a series of ironic fallacies including wanting a candidate who “seeks to help, not punish the most vulnerable,” and that the president’s duty is to care for all “not just those who vote for us, but all of us.”  Both of these are clearly contradicted by Planned Parenthood and Biden’s stance on killing through abortion the preborn who are both the most vulnerable and not yet voters.  

If their goal was to show how crazy they are, it certainly shows in the sharp contrast they present between policies that protect women from harm and taxpayers from moral violations like the Hyde Amendment, compared with allowing unfettered abortion through codifying Roe v. Wade. At least Americans are starting to catch on to their nonsense – even the pro-choice crowd

The campaign’s website says that the current administration “refuses to trust pregnant people — particularly pregnant people of color — to decide what’s in the best interest of their own health.” However, Planned Parenthood clearly doesn’t trust women as they tell them that they’re not capable of being mothers, supporting a child, or determining their own future.  And when about 80% of Planned Parenthood facilities are in minority neighborhoods, it’s not hard to see who is being targeted.  

Voting for candidates who will protect life is crucial as Planned Parenthood continues to mask its agenda behind dramatic ads and double talk claiming to save lives and protect women and families as the number of lives lost to abortion increases.

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