“Abortion is Safer Than Childbirth” is an Impossible Claim: Here’s Why

Brenna Lewis - 10 Jul 2020


Ever heard the pro-choice talking point “abortion is safer than childbirth?” This perverted fear tactic, in every single instance of its use, is a total farce. And the reason is very simple.

There is no national abortion reporting law in America. No, seriously. Many states report nothing at all. Most data we have about abortion is because abortion facilities elected to keep track of a few things. It’s like allowing a restaurant to carry out their own health inspections, except worse since abortion facilities kill people. And they are disincentivized, to say the least, to report times when an abortion goes wrong. Offering information that only stands to hurt them is really not something they’re interested in doing (and they’ve said so themselves).

So how could we make a data comparison between abortion and childbirth… when we lack complete data for one of them? At that point, it’s not even comparing apples to oranges. It’s just sitting there with an apple and a confused look on your face.

Look at abortion news in Indiana this week for a prime example. A judge just struck down an Indiana law that would have required abortion facilities to report to the state if abortion patients had complications. Holding a business accountable for harming women? Does not seem that crazy and certainly doesn’t seem anti-woman.

Yet, Hannah Brass Greer, chief legal counsel for Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, said the reporting requirement “has no basis in science and medicine. […] The reporting requirements set by this law are another attempt by Indiana politicians to shame and stigmatize people seeking abortion services and to spread the myth that abortion is dangerous,” she said in a statement.

… but you have to wonder – if Planned Parenthood really thought there was nothing to hide, why would they fight tooth and nail against legislation like this? It begs a little Shakespearean, “The lady doth protest too much.” Real medical facilities have standards and transparency about medical procedures. The amount of special treatment the abortion industry demands, while simultaneously expecting to be treated like a real medical entity, is baffling.

So, if you’re a pro-lifer and someone feeds you this line about abortion vs. childbirth, the response is super simple. National abortion reporting laws don’t exist, so that statement is impossible to prove. Assuming, one day, abortion facilities are held to common-sense medical standards and such a comparison can effectively made, the conversation changes and goes much deeper. But the conclusion remains the same – nothing justifies the taking of an innocent life.

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